Hard to know how good this is... Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Despite the 1.5 million users and tremendous hype, it's hard to really gauge how well this addon works. End users have a big impact on the website ratings, so I am VERY suspicious about the quality. All you have to do is look at the comments people post with their ratings for a given website to see that they don't understand the basic concept of WOT. The comments are mostly about how useful or attractive a website is - which misses the whole point of WOT.

I'll give a concrete example: There is one popular website that has a dozen trackers/beacons running in the background, and even saves Flash cookies to your hard drive. All of this cries "privacy nightmare!". But you wouldn't know it from the comments. People are posting things like "I like this site" and "Works well", and their ratings in the privacy category are all "excellent". It makes no sense. And this is happening for lots of websites I looked up.

There is one silver lining here. I find that there is good recognition of websites that are scams or somehow untrustworthy. I guess that's half of what WOT claims to do. But the privacy half of WOT seems like a complete failure.

The addon is slick and easy to use, but I really don't trust it.


The developer's response is unfortunate.

You are essentially telling me that hidden trackers and beacons on a website are not a violation of privacy because people either don't know about them or don't care.

Seriously? That's your logic?

BY DEFINITION, something collecting information on you in the background without your knowledge or consent **IS** an invasion of privacy. If WOT is designed in such a way that this is ignored, then what value is there in WOT?

Far from re-assuring me about WOT, your response has just confirmed my initial suspicions. Like other reviewers have said here, it's obvious WOT is more of a social "like / dislike" service than a serious privacy tool. I'm uninstalling.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120926.1-signed). 

We tell you how much users trust websites. Most users realize that Facebook may have privacy issues, for example, but they still trust the site enough to continue using it. In order words, they trust Facebook with their private information and feel the site won't violate their privacy. Of course, tracking beacons may not be as high of a concern to the majority of people.

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