Rated 5 out of 5 stars

absolutely what i've been looking for! A++.
for the longest time i was looking for a dictionary add-on that would display the result IN A LITTLE POP-UP right there- not in a new tab or in the current one (which is useless)- just a quick return of the definition, in a simple popup, so as not to force me to leave the page i am on.

WikiLook is so incredibly useful- i wish i'd found it sooner. I'm always getting distracted when I come upon some word or name or subject that I want to look up while in the middle of reading or browsing another site- I end up lost- & like 50 sites away from where i started. It's perfect bc aside from definitions, a la Wiktionary, the power of Wikipedia enables one to look up everything about anything- movie titles, names of actors, artists, writers...etc, music, books, various terms or ideas regarding any topic you can think of- math, history, science...and so on. But again- the single most useful feature is that you can obtain ALL of this information WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR PAGE- so great.

the ONLY thing missing for me is a thesaurus. Oh my god, you have no idea- i would LOVE to have a thesaurus tool that also displays the results in a pop-up. I wonder why Wikipedia hasn't their own version of a thesaurus yet- like, Wikithaurus or something(?) :P

*Anyway- thanks a bunch for this!! Definitely a favorite <3

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.5.5).