2.5.2 Terrible along with DH Support, previously great Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Get a version prior to 2.5.2 (i.e., 2.5.1 or less). You also have to be aware of all the cookies and privacy issues, but it can be a very good addon. Unfortunately, the developer has a really awful support forum where you have to enter the total number of FAQ question to be able to submit a bug report, but no (reasonably close) number works. DH 2.5.2 totally freezes Firefox when clicking on options using Firefox, and with every DH update you have to see what nonsense the developer added in options. The developer needs to stop treating people like infants. Previously I gave this addon a 10, now I give it a 1. Average to get 5. If the developer doesn't change course I may not use it much longer. If you read between the lines of this developer's posts, you can tell he's got questionable motives, and is only holding back because people are onto him. e.g., read the posts around when he added the cookie and there another privacy issue before that, and even before then -- obviously, he's becoming more reclusive so that's going to be difficult, but I remember. A FAQ question count to submit a bug report -- are you totally mad? Even the count system doesn't work, and I input many incremental numbers on both sides of the actual count. At least there are plenty of other alternatives when I decide to switch.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.5.2).