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My former Stylish review was for 1.0.6 though really for 0.5.9, which I still thought was better than 1.0.6. Well, the latest versions of Stylish are IMO the best ones yet (yep, better even than 0.5.9)... and still light on the resources.

And, guys, the editor window for Stylish on Fx4--opened from the Add-ons tab [panel]--*is* re-sizable... presuming you actually use the link for the editor (right-click, select 'Edit' from the context menu) and not the Fx-provided button for 'Options' (which is not a link for the editor [yet]). Also, the editor window is no more "modal" in this release of Stylish than it's ever been (of course, you have to actually use a link for the editor instead of that so-called 'Options' button [all of which are typically "modal" for Firefox--but neither Stylish nor the styles you install have "options", just about:config settings and code]; so, don't use that 'Options' button [unless you also install It's All Text! and then the 'Open in external editor' button in the editor window :D]).

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