Goodbye Old Friend. I'll miss you. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I guess the saying, "All good thing must come to an end," is true. After 4 years of receiving good content and some 50,000 stumbles, the service and its toolbar has finally tanked for me and lots others. The toolbar has numerous features that no longer work. I'm not sure why they would release a new version only to disable, not remove features. It's so annoying having buttons that you can click, but will not do anything. All reporting from the toolbar has been disabled. The search has been removed and replaced with an Explore bar, which is a far cry from any search bar I've ever seen.

There's no quality in the discoveries anymore. Most of the discoveries are either severely outdated, pure junk/SPAM, or obviously in the wrong topic. Thinking that maybe my account was the problem, I've gone as far as deleting my account and starting over to no avail. Discoveries are constantly categorized in topics where they're not supposed to. For example, articles about sleep studies are deposited in the Camping topic. You can report the mis-categorization and even suggest the correct topic, but months/years later the topics remain the wrong category. There's good content out there, but good luck trying to get it. More than likely you're not subscribed to the topic where that content's currently resides.

Then there's the new Sponsored Discoveries. Basically anyone can now pay SU for guaranteed traffic. 99% of the time the sponsored discoveries you'll receive are not going to be in a topic you've selected or be of any interest to you at all for that matter. I believe they're now trying to hide this flaw. When you get a sponsored discovery now, the toolbar shows that discovery resides in one of the topics you've selected even though it's obviously not. For example, an article for the brand new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid shows up, but the toolbar tells me it's in the motorcycle category.

Just a few months ago, SU was an awesome service. You could connect with others who shared your interests, find some great content, and share your content with others. Now with the new SU it's just a service for commercial advertisers to increase traffic for their clients. I don't mind SU finding creative ways to make money, but it just seems like they destroyed the core of the service for monetary gain. They've pretty much stopped listening to their users and all of their suggestions. If you're looking for an extension that will save your bookmarks, then this is it. But it's not good for much beyond that. Maybe one day the old SU will come back and I'll be the first in line. But for now I'm leaving.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.99.1-signed).