Excellent Addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Was very happy with SmartTemplate and was disappointed when updating to TB9 when I found it wasn't supported. Good news about SmartTemplate4 then!!

This addon almost totally covers my need for "outlook-style" quoting at my work. The only slight issue is that the TB quote-bars remain in the message - in a long thread this can start to look ugly as my replies mix with those who are actually using Outlook.

I've ended up making a small mod to the extension to remove these bars. I'm sending the code to the developer, so maybe it'll appear as an option in a future release :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.9). 

thanks for your review

thanks for your review and we are glad that you find ST4 helpful.

Your whish we will not add to change/remove the quote bars will not be an job from ST4 please use e.g. ReFwdFormatter.

Here is the answer to your e mail and review from tool8:

"I understand that a majority of our users are mostly interested in removing the default reply header that TB inserts and replacing it with an MS Outlook style header. However, the greater intent of SmartTemplate4 is to be a 'template' that is 'smart'. It is content that is automatically inserted for you upon new composition of a message (new, reply, or forward). Modifying any other part of the message is outside of ST4's job scope.
My suggestion is that you would use an add-on that addressees the express purpose that you need e.g. ReFwdFormatter."