Good extension, but needs better search filter Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I am updating my prior review because it has appeared to have gone unnoticed, and the search filter is STILL WAY TOO LIMITED.

This wonderful extension works very well, but I think there is still room for improvement:

1) There is no way to search for multiple keywords (like all tabs containing THIS and THAT). Adding this alone would be a huge improvement.

2) The search field currently only filters the Sessions list. The search filter should filter the tabs listed under Windows and Tabs, as well as the Sessions list. Without this filtering of the lower frame, it is difficult to locate the desired tabs when a session had a lot of tabs.

3) There should be an option to have no tabs selected be the default.

4) The default should be to keep the window open for delete (as noted by another poster)

5) Right-clicking on a tab in the Window and Tab list should present a context menu allowing the location URL to be copied to the clipboard.

Hopefully, these suggestions will be incorporated in a future release. Thanks for a great extension.

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