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I set the change of "text color" and "background color" and it shows my color change in the options box but refuses to display my color change choice for highlight when I search terms. will only highlight with red text and yellow background for first search term and red text and green background for second search term. also does not display number of search terms . F3 says it has finished searching for number of search terms but does not say what the number is anywhere. please explain and please fix these problems and this addon is a 5! i've uninstalled and restarted my computer two times and it still shows my selected color choices in options without re-entering it after reinstalling and still not functioning . PLEASE FIX! Thankyou kindly!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.77). 

change text color

About text color and background color, it doesn't work as you want because i think in option for highlighting you doesn't use unicolor but alterned text.
About number terms, ok i will see for next time.