good, but needs a blacklist, too Rated 3 out of 5 stars

First: It does what it should. There are some things, that NoScript doesn't cover. But, NoScript allows you to allow scripts for the base domain, but deny it for any other requested domain. RequestPolicy doesn't. If I genereally allow requests from a domain, I cannot exclude certain destination of that.

Another thing noScript could use, too, would be some way to sandbox all request of a certain link/page and then show the user all affected destinations. Certainly you would allow paypal for a shop, if you were on a shopping spree. Or for other payment services. I know, I could mimik a similar behavior by generally enabling "Temporarily Allow All Requests" - if I were able to limit it to the base domain of the target.

Last thing: an integration with NoScript would be nice, so that you could manage that stuff in one place.

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