Great addon. Requests please: Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thankyou for this addon Webdeveloper.

-- Would like to be able to upload to my own favorite upload site that is different from imgur or imageshack. With a choice to NOT signin or you can sign in. You can "Add Location" but when you click on it it will only lead to default host. How do you configure it?

-- Imageshack no longer will upload animated gifs unless you pay for premium. It will upload but only show as one static frame. So would like another 3rd default choice where the image url will not expire at all and will upload animated gifs.


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First off, please post feature requests to the CodePlex site. It is hard to discuss them as reviews.

#1: I don't know what you're talking about. You can already upload to imgur/imageshack either anonymously or signed in. Are you talking about a different site? I can't just get it to work with any arbitrary site, do you have a specific one in mind that has a public API?

#2: I wouldn't have that kind of interface. I might have an opt-in tool bar button with conventional menu choices if I do anything. And "upload image" from there wouldn't work because you can have multiple images on a page. It only makes sense as a context menu item. Though I could see wanting easy access to history/options.

#3: It does do a status notification when the image has successfully uploaded.

#4: So.... Imgur? That's the default choice right now.

#5: In the Upload Locations tab in Options, click "Add Location". Then you will have two options to upload to.