Got to love it - and 2 ideas Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Using this addon for some two months now I got used to it and got to love it. I actually replaced the 'search' with this toolbar and only needed to enable it two or three times (I am on email on average 12+ hours a day, receiving close to 300 and sending around 60 emails). However, this also gave me the idea that this addon could also do what the 'unified search' was supposed to do - i.e. add an extra option to convert the filtering into a full-blown search.

However, my other idea is a much more significant one, and I believe it could lead to more significant uptake of this addon: make it work on the calendar tab as well. There is a vast empty space in the calendar toolbar, without a single button that I would actually use. However, if I want to search for an event (which is actually a filtering function) I need another 'row'. The ideal solution would be to get the calendar header (<<Today>> February 2013 ... [Day][Week][Multiweek][Month]) into the toolbar as well - there would still be plenty space for the filter. Seems to me pretty similar to the current addon - at least, from the user side :-)

Well done!

getting there Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This addon helps getting rid of a perfectly superfluous toolbar which has the most useful feature. Everyone who is handling large number of emails needs something like the quick filter sometimes and wasting another line of the widescreen laptops that we have today is a luxury. On the other hand, the more general search box is very rarely needed, so it is sensible to remove it and move all the quick filter tools to the main toolbar and disable the quick filter bar. Of course, this is a workaround with all its difficulties - an appropriate solution would include a unified searchbox as proposed in one of the 'shelved' feature improvements. My only reason for not giving the 5th star is that using the sender-recipient-subject-body options is a bit inconvenient. But for a first try I am pretty impressed!

Thanks for the comments! I have not noticed the color indicators yet, it is a very useful extra feature. My only problem with the buttons is that there is a non-used space between the searchbox and the buttons, however, the buttons are in a smaller rolling 'box',meaning that what would be 1 click on a button is now often at least 2 clicks. Of course, I also don't see color changes when the buttons are hidden. Maybe if I had higher resolution it would work differently but as it is I only see one and a half button at once. I change my rating to 5 as I love the color indicator idea but I would still love to see all the buttons.

The button to show/hide the sender-recipient-subject-body buttons in the arrowscrollbox is little different from menu button in practice. Also, the button, if closed, will show green (if text matches) or red (no match) and no color if no button is checked. The major advantage is saving opening a list and selecting (2 clicks) vs simply checking other option(s) to include in a text search, which are all visible up front if wanted.

The color change only applies when the main content types button is unchecked and there is a text search with one of the sub buttons checked. If the main button is checked, the arrowscrollbox will expand to show them all, without scroll, given 1)number of tags/tag search active, 2)width of Tb window. Making the flex right in all cases was the biggest amount of work.