Google Calendar Provider Is A Very Good Start Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is a very good beta product. Here are some suggestions for things I encountered in figuring out how to set it up and use it. 1. Turn/off disable all other calendars before installing the provider addon. 2. Install provider addon. 3. Click to create a new calendar (file new calendar or right click in the calendar bar and select new calendar). 4. Fill in information to access your calendar, xml url, email address and password and calendar name (DO NOT SELECT ANY CHECK BOXES FOR READ ONLY, REMINDERS, OR OFFLINE USE). 5. Wait for your calendar to populate in Thunderbird. If all this goes well close thunderbird and then restart thunderbird. If all is still going well, then right click on your google calendar and select properties then you can select to turn on reminders if want to turn those on. If all that goes well close thunderbird and then restart thunderbird. If all is still going well you are done. NOTE SELECTING OFFLINE ACCESS WILL CAUSE THUNDERBIRD TO LOCK UP TIGHT. If you lock up thunderbird you may have to restart it in safe mode and then remove the google provider addon and start over. After you get it installed and working properly you are basically fine for being able to read and edit alarms and appointments and deal with pop-up reminders. I like this product and think it shows great potential. There are other products out there to bring in google tasks and contacts to thunderbird, but I haven't tried them yet so can't say how they work with this addon. If you want your google calendar in thunderbird this addon is definitely something you should try. Better than the alternatives I've seen so far for sure.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.18).