Per-browser proxy setting made simple Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Although the alternative extension, FoxyProxy, has more features such as per-url proxy server selection, it was too confusing and had too much UI friction. Also I was a previous user of ezproxy but I was looking for something better.

MM3-ProxySwitch is great because of the easy button interface and free-form configuration. You can back up just the proxy configuration with a text editor (Use FEBE for real backups, of course)! Also it can load the Internet Explorer proxy configuration (unfortunately you need to manually create an about:config key! but maybe this is for those Unix users who don't want to see "Import IE").

The bad part is the free-form configuration. It is hard to figure out what the proper syntax is. Basically it seems like you cannot have a space in the name of your proxy setting, and the noProxy is a comma-delimited list of IPs or numbers without the ports. E.g., Finally when the IE setting is imported, is the noProxy the same format? Can MM3-PS accept noProxy=* for example? I though in firefox there is no * character.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2007.340). 

Many thanks for your feedback

Unfortunately, the English description contained a description from the previous version yet.

The lastest version is: 2007.480

Blanks can be contained in the configuration name.

[a test

Is a help button missing at your text editor?
You get a HTML page with the description of the keyword with help button.

The Internet Explorer Settings can be imported now with the instruction:


You can type all settings of the Firefox in at: No Proxy for.
You see the settings:

Firefox / Tools / Options... / Advanced / Network / Connection / Settings...

The Internet Explorer has more settings. What is possible is converted for the Firefox.