too tedious for average users Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I suggest to add a "simple configuration" mode and make it default. It should be possible to add a new proxy in the same way as in Firefox. The possibility to customize it via the edit dialog should be optional. A user should be able to switch the configuration dialog into "advanced" mode, but it shouldn't be default.

Also there should be some feedback about the current proxy in usage, just like the addon "SwitchProxy Tool" does it. Basically, it would be the best to have SwitchProxy Tool GUI with optional advanced edit mode as in MM3.

So please, Mr. Developer, take a look at the GUI of SwitchProxy Tool. This is how users want it.

And maybe a nice looking icon would be good too. The current one is damn ugly.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2009.60). 

Many thanks for your feedback

We are pleased about every note for the improvement of the MM3-ProxySwitch.

Some feedbacks are very different. We explain this by different application contexts.
To take these into account, two different user interface would be necessary according to your suggestion.

You probably have overlooked the symbol change for the two modes (direct Internet connection or proxy configuration) and the tooltip for the used proxy configuration.