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Any possibility of it being available for version 22+

Edit: You are welcome. Your system does not allow for it proceed without some sort of rating applied and since there is no obvious indication for support for or where to get versions compatible with what I am running and have been running for years. Actually after the response you provided I am glad that one star is all I gave. RTFM indeed.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.9.1). 

Thanks a lot for giving the product just 1 star, because there is no compatible version for the beta version of Thunderbird. We have a compatible release for the latest stable Thunderbird release and that is the product you should review.

The 2.3b1 beta is being uploaded at the moment, nightly builds are available as always. You could have also downloaded the beta version from the ftp servers.

Edit: Even worse, you are asking for nightly builds, which are always available on the ftp servers. RTFM!