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Thunderbird 17 + Lightning 1.9 = Does not notify guests when updating an event. BADEdit: With google calendar provider 0.18 installed, remains the same problem.
Edit 27/11/12:
I have not explained well ...
I read somewhere that the problem was solved by installing this extension, but I can see that it is not.
I've uninstalled and the result is as follows.
Using a local calendar:
1.Create new event with guests = Sending notification OK
2.Update the event = Sending notification KO
3.Delete the event = Sending notification OK
1.Create new event without guests
2.Add guests = Sending notification KO
3.Update the event = Sending notification KO
4.Delete the event = Sending notification OK
Thank you very much for your help

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.9). 

So you are saying you are using another extension like the Provider, but the notifying is Lightning's fault? If you check the FAQ on the Provider, you can see that there are config settings for this and also the reasons why this is not enabled by default.