Brilliant. An extremely versatile add-on. The xml link generator works perfectly. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow! I was bowled over with what this add-on could achieve. No other add-on that I could find has this versatlity. Because Chrome disables add-ons in its own 'incognito' mode I wanted a Firefox add-on that could open links or pages from Firefox in a Chrome sandboxed tab using an external sandbox program like Sandboxie. Launchy has a layman's facility (launchy.xml generator) to customize a context menu item using arguments which makes this so easy.Instructions on adding another customized menu item in the same xml file can be figured out from the example on gemal's launchy.xml file usage page, and although I have no coding knowledge I managed to figure it out and it all works brilliantly.What more can I say. Thank you.