Enough with the bad updates! Rated 2 out of 5 stars

In some ways LP is still 5* and in some ways it is sliding to 1*.

In today's world going online without a PW manager is high-tech suicide and for many years LP was arguably the best one.

On the other hand LP has a long history of bugs and other issues that the developers consistently blew off fixing. Now they have issued a series of regressions. There kinda was the 4.0 which was so bad that apparently it was withdrawn. Now they are back to the 3 series- which they also are steadily making worse. I have seen it struggle to perform on a disturbing number of sites and the new UI is a massive regression. Are they dumbing it down for mobile? Either way even the new icon(s) also have to go. They HAD a good one that they really need to bring back.

Put it all together and the team there really needs to think things through and get it together.