A big boost for privacy! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I put this one in my "Apollo!" Pack" for a big reason! The fact is companies like Google cannot be trusted and they keep too much of your information on file. Companies such as them will keep it for 6+ months and it all can be given to marketers, big brother, divorce attornies... Yuck!! I have to say I read a number of the other reviews and I wont repeat what others said very well earlier. I also would rather trade a few ads- and since when has stinky old Google been ad-free??- for the privacy. Lastly, I want to respond to Bamail. I hear what you are saying but Ixquick isn't really what failed you. Although private mode is good- it by no means is complete security. I am not just saying it to promote my collection but mine has a COMPLETE security package with detailed instructions. To get the job done you need to take care of a bunch of things such as scripts, cross-site requests, cookies, IP, redirects, proxies... If you do ALL of those things and configure them properly then you get to the promised land. No single one will do it all.

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