Magic - pure magic Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love the layouts and the interactivity of it all. Useful even more so when you happen to have lots of tabs open and you either have to squeeze them thin or scroll your tab bar.

A couple of requests though - having things show, however well presented, on a black background hurts my eyes (and what's left of my brain) and I'm from the grumpy old git generation that was brought up reading real books on white paper :-) So black backgrounds, for me, really jar. Any chance of a few options there, please?

An additional feature would be one that I think would make this extension absolutely perfect - I don't always open every site in a new tab, especially when I'm on a search for info or a good place to source or buy stuff (you know how it is) so would it be possible to er... stack... any other domains (rather than pages) on any tab that has them? Either in the overall main layout that you have now - or as a context menu entry for each tab so we can see what we have on it lurking behind the currently visible?

Fair enough - if I was disciplined enough to open every single site when searching in a new tab I wouldn't need to ask for this - but admit it - you do it too! :-)

Honest, it's great, so I gave it five stars happily.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2). 


Thank you squeaky for your comment.
Regarding the black background, you're welcome to have a look at the new version of FoxTab which provide you with themes and colors customization.

About the second request, there is the grouping feature which provides you with the ability to look up for a tab by it's domain origin. If this is something else you're referring, you're more than welcome to write me about it at

Thanks again,