A GREAT IDEA FOR AN IMPROVEMENT. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

To the developer Kashif:

Improvement to your add-on: add the possibility to add a second bookmark in a different folder than the first one WITHOUT DELETING THE FIRST BOOKMARK.
When a user tries to add a second bookmark in a folder when he already has this bookmark located in another folder is that Firefox deletes the original bookmark that is placed in another folder and put this bookmark in the new folder. The result is that you cannot have duplicate bookmark.
One of the advantages of this suggested improvement is that you could have as many duplicate bookmarks as you want.

Here is how it could work:
1) The user does: Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page.
It opens the Bookmarks window.
2) The developer has added a new button at the left of the Done button with some space between the Done button and this new button. The name of this new button could be "2nd Bookmark" (or something similar).
3) Then the user selects his target folder to add a second bookmark, using exactly the same bookmark name than the first bookmark name that he already has saved in another folder.
Very important: the name of the first bookmark that the user has saved is NOT necessarily the default bookmark name given automatically by the site for a particular web page when a user tries to bookmark a particular web page.
4) Then the user presses the "2nd Bookmark" instead of the normal Done button.

The result of using this "2nd Bookmark" button:
The user puts a second bookmark in a different folder than the first bookmark he had already saved in a different folder. And, very important, the first bookmark is NOT deleted when this second bookmark is added to a different folder using this "2nd Bookmark" button.

Thanks to the developer for your already great add-on and I am sure it will be even better with this suggestion implemented in the next update. Thanks.

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