a new filter set? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Nils, Federico, Stefano, great work! If possible though, please add the ability to filter for email addresses in bulk.

Just today I found myself wishing I could copy all of the email addresses on a webpage (and nothing else but that, with a *@*.* filter maybe, or even *.*@*.*) Oh, and ideally you'd also be able to automatically append each address with a comma and a space (so that, yes, the whole lot of them could immediately be pasted into the Recipient field of a new email message).

Oh-h-h yeah.

Yes, I know that your run time is focused on file extensions and is actually probably written to deliberately overlook anything that ends in .com or .net --- because they're not file extensions. Also I know that your focus is not on copying text, but rather on copying files. I use DownThemAll regularly for downloading images in bulk or even pdf's in bulk. Also videos or even movies once they're running. Very, very cool, However, to be fully true to the 'All' aspect of your moniker, it would be also be very cool to have the ability to retrieve more than files proper. Why not be able to copy text, filter for certain kinds of text, etc?

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