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Privacy Policy

  1. The author (Deekshith Allamaneni) or the contributors of this extension respects your privacy. No information that identifies you personally is collected by the author intentionally.
  2. This extension makes use of third party online services like Google docs viewer, Zoho viewer, etc to make this add-on function.
  3. The author or the contributors are not responsible for any kind of privacy violations by third party services used by this extension or due to any other reason.
  4. The data collected from the user (if any unintentionally) will not be used for any purpose commercial or non-commercial and we promise that any such information will not be sold or given away to any individual or company or anybody else.
    1. Refer to the privacy policies of such third party services before you install this add-on:Warning: Be wary when you install this addon / extension if a very high degree of privacy is required. Example, Do not use it in the systems related to Defence, Corporate Companies, etc.

      In case of any concerns regarding privacy of this extension, you can contact the author Deekshith Allamaneni:

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