"Link to this website as [url]" works great. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I use Jed Brown's BBCode extension, which is maintained by MR Tech. I've wished that BBCode provided a way to create a named link, so I'm pleased to see that DM BBCode does that with its "Link to this website as [url]". That's the only feature in DM BBCode that I need and use. I don't feel any need for it to duplicate any of BBCode's functionality. BBCode already works well, appears to be currently maintained, and can be installed at the same time as DM BBCode.

Feature Request: Could you add "Link to this website as [url]" to the Tab context menu? Right now I have to open the target page to get this function and then switch back to the tab in which I'm composing a message. The Tab Mix Plus extension already adds "Copy Tab URL" to the Tab context menu, but it would nice to have the "Link to this website as [url]" selection as well so I can get a named link without switching tabs.