Needs more, much more Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This deserves 5 stars if it had more than just 2 options.

So far, it lets you wrap the url of the current page into BBCode URL tags, and IMG tags if you're viewing an image, and it lets you wrap selected text into BBCode quote tags.

It needs the ability to allow a user to wrap selected text in tags for bold [b], italics [i], and many other common BBCode tags that people use daily.

I really don't know why those aren't already implemented. The quote tags are useful, though, so is the URL tags for the current page.

SUGGESTION: make this extension usable in textareas so we can simply select/rightclick on what we are posting and add tags to a word or sentence, or even a paragraph. Then this extension will be AMAZING and extremely useful for forum goers everywhere.

-Edited to respond to Developer comment: Thanks, mate. I just now realized that it works with IMG tags. Very nice, I've already used it. I tried editing my review earlier when I figured this out, hopefully my review gets approved soon.

By the way, I really do hope you look into making this usable in textarea's. Good luck.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0). 

It does do a bit more

Thanks for the review - I like the textarea idea and will look into it.

The extension does have options for urls and img tags but you need to right click on images or links to see the options - I didn't want to present the option if they were irrelevant in the current context.

Thanks again, that's a really helpful review :)

EDIT: I've incorporated your suggestions about textareas into the extension - great idea thanks a lot :)