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Added 3/24/08
I've just installed v0.0.2.9 and the problem appears to have been rectified. Not only that but a couple of buttons which hadn't worked since v0.0.2a are again functional. I still think extensions ought to be well tested before being released and Custom Buttons2 code ought to be left in Custom Buttons2 but am, once again, happy as the proverbial pig with Custom Buttons. Thank you.

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A few months ago, I "upgraded" from the original Custom Buttons, by Yan, to Custom Buttons2. Finding it conflicted with three or four extensions and broke a few buttons, I switched to v0.0.2.6 of this extension. All has been well until an update to v0.0.2.7 caused the Custom Buttons menu to popup on right or shift+right clicks which already had functions assigned. Worse, in some instances , a box, labelled "Custom Buttons", with the menu as sub-menu" was appearing. I switched back to v0.0.2.6.

Reading that v0.0.2.8 had fixed the problem, I installed it and not only has it not fixed the problem but several of my buttons have just disappeared.

I don't know if this results from the developers attempting to incorporate what someone on the Custom Buttons2 forum referred to as a "zoo of code" or they've managed to mess it up on their own but I wish projects that belonged in the Sandbox or, better yet, on the developer's machines were left there until ready for release.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

>> Don't believe it

Custom buttons context menu issue will be fixed in next version. I revealed this error, although without your aid, which greatly proved useful.

I think, you could me to help in quest of errors, given at least code of the button in your previous message, but you prefer only criticize.

And you could not read that corrects context menu bug since fixed other bug. Wake attentive.