How to avoid F5 (automatic load workaround) Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hello, to get BarTab working (better) on FF7+, download BarTab v2.1b2 at

restart... then click BarTab options and choose:
*Load all tabs at startup
*Load all links opened in background
*Do Nothing (concerning unloading tabs)

THEN go download BarTab Lite at

and enable. Even though it doesn't need to restart FF to enable this app, you won't see anything till you do... so RESTART.

NOW after restart, under the addons option for BarTab... choose
*Load all tabs at start up (should be already set to this setting).
*Do NOT Load tabs in background
*UNLoad tabs after time period (if you want)

With these settings in place, you can now use BarTab Lite to control startup behaviour, and BarTab (big) to control other behaviours... Why?

Cause BarTab Lite set up in this way allows you to click on an UnLoaded tab and Have it Load (withOUT having to press F5 (reload)).

Well... it doesn't work perfectly, 1) tabs UnLoaded can't be Loaded back without pressing F5, and 2) The settings don't last through another restart...

so for that you can reset BarTab options to FIRST section before restart, and switch BarTab options to SECOND section after restart.

That might sound like a lot of work to avoid pressing F5... so if anyone wants to offer another suggestion, I hope you do. Oh, BTW, I encounter no Phantom Tabs using this combo.

PS ~ the memory resource cost of adding BarTab Lite on top of BarTab (big) is insignificant (probly quite less than ~1mb extra)