This Add-on is a MUST for web browsing Rated 5 out of 5 stars

How much do I love Ad-block plus
th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>is much.
Before I used this add-on adverts drove me crazy plus I found some of the adverts on some website downright disgusting ( sex chat lines , talk to girls in your area , and please note I am a girl so why would I want to talk to girls ) these gross adds and adverts for internet gambling sites pop up all over the web no matter what sites you visit but ad-block plus put a stop to them and made browsing the internet faster and easier . If I go on a friends computer who doesn't use ad-block , I just can't believe how many ads there are without ad-block plus . This is a MUST HAVE add-on/ extension . One little problem every few days it disables it's self but the devs are aware of this bug and I think they may have fixed because it hasn't happened for about a week now but that wouldn't have stopped me giving ad-block plus full marks.Also I would like to add I find this extension very easy to use as . Thank-you Devs for Ad-block plus .

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