megabob6666's post of May 22, 2011 Rated 4 out of 5 stars

megabob6666 wrote:

"Not as good as After installing the update on 5/20/11, it alerts me that my IP has changed every time I start the browser even though my IP has not changed. ... In addition, even though I uncheck ALERT ME EVERY TIME MY IP CHANGES, it still alerts me anyway, and when I check to see if the alert is still unchecked, it is not, so there is no way to stop it from alerting me."

I'm not an expert and don't know anything about the latter problem, but if a user is behind a router, then the user is basically connecting through a LAN's device interface and when connecting to the Internet, then it's always connecting to the external world. Based on information recently read about this, the user's personal IP address will be his or her local address within the domestic or ... whatever LAN being used, while ISPs assign different external IP addresses every time a user reconnects to the ISP's server or servers. The local IP address remains constant, until manually changed, while the external IP address changes dynamically at the ISP end of the connection.

If, however, the person doesn't connect and reconnect to the Internet inbetween restarts of Firefox or any other Web app, then I guess the external IP address doesn't, or at least might not, change until the person reboots his or her PC, or, possibly, also when logging out of the OS account and logging back in without rebooting the PC.

Anyway, I thought that some of what I just wrote might possibly be the reason why megabob6666 kept being notified that his external IP address kept changing everytime he restarted Ffx.

I haven't yet tried this Ffx extension and am reading about it right now, but will rate it 4 of 5 stars since that's what the average user rating is so far with 42 reviews that were posted before this post was submitted.