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Password Exporter

Passwords, WinXP to Linux Mint, a breeze Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks Justin and Jorge - I was looking for a way to get my FF passwords into a new installation of Linux Mint (on a different computer), found this, and installed it on each. I exported the passwords as XML, obfuscated, directly to a flash drive, straight from the Options dialog immediately after installing, then imported them directly from the flash drive to the Linux machine. Couldn't have been easier. Tested it by going to a few sites where I have automatic logins, and it's worked perfectly AFAIK. Shame to uninstall it, but it's not something I need there all the time. However, it doesn't even require a restart, so it's no bother if I needed it again. I didn't want to use Sync and trust the cloud with passwords, and I didn't want to transfer my whole profile, just bits of it. The file on the flash drive can now be deleted, or even destroyed if I was paranoid about it being recovered. Using Firefox 42. Great work, thanks again. Now just need to do the same with my tabs and groups!

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How to tell? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this. I'm giving this a 4-star, because it seems to work adequately on my system, the options are well thought out and it seems well written. On installing and being prompted to restart Firefox, I did so, only to find that it took a long time and ended up in a crash report, but this has been an ongoing issue with my setup and part of the reason I'm looking to reduce memory use. I have about 50-100 tabs open, but in about 10 different tabgroups.

On restarting Firefox, I was surprised to find that everything was restored, and without the usual "Oops, this is embarrassing...", and only the current tab was loaded, just as it should be. One thing was wrong - I use TabGroups Menu, and that seemed to have failed to load. This would have been pretty bad, forcing me either to uninstall UnloadTab, find something like TabGroups Menu that was compatible, or completely change the way I access websites (I'd been wondering whether it would be better to just use folders of bookmarks, but only open one set at a time as tabs). Again, this seems to have been a bug in TabGroups Menu, because I remember it happening before, and once I tweaked its settings or something it came back.

The only thing that doesn't quite work, as someone else mentioned, is the option not to load tabs opened in the background until selected - when selected, they're not loaded either, although if you click on the address bar, the arc-shaped arrow reload icon changes to the go-to left-pointing arrow icon, and you can hit that to load.

My real issue with UnloadTab, though, is that I'm not sure how much improvement I'm seeing by using it. Before I installed it, I was sick of the system going slow and checked in Windows Task Manager what's using so much memory. Firefox was insanely far out in front of everything else at about 600,000 kB. After installing UT, it was down to about 400,000 which is a significant improvement, and the system was running very sweetly...but then it usually is after a restart. Since then I've had big slowdowns again, so it's hard to judge how much difference it is making, and will make in future. I'll try disabling it from time to time and see how things go.

Export Bookmarks

Not Particularly Necessary Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I installed this because I was going to do some serious editing of my bookmarks and wanted to make sure I had a backup. It works as you'd imagine, no problem, but then I realised that if you open all bookmarks (Library), there's a menu there that includes options to backup the bookmarks to your hard drive either as a json or html file, as well as restoring from a file. So this will make it a slightly quicker job if you want an html file of your bookmarks regularly, and it will put it somewhere where you might remember it exists (i.e. on the menu when you right-click a tab), but otherwise it's fairly pointless.

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TabGroups Menu

Selection Problem Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just an update to my glowing review earlier. I'm having the same glitch that gouptoo mentions, and it is quite irritating although apparently not causing any serious issue. Sometimes selecting of listed tabs (with CTRL-Click) cause a jump to a random tab from any other group, losing all selections as well. EDITED TO CORRECT THIS, WHICH DOESN'T SEEM TO BE TRUE - [It seems to happen particularly when selecting tabs above (i.e. to the left in the window, as I haven't got the reverse option on), rather than being to do with the number of them. I experimented and found that even selecting one tab above the current one caused it in some cases.] --- I've no idea what conditions it happens under, just seems completely random, and can happen with a single selection above or below.

I'm sorry to report this here, but following the link above supposedly to the support area doesn't seem to give much indication of where to go to report it, and reporting bugs seems a perfectly sensible use of these threads. Still a really useful extension, but I hope this issue can be solved. Do let me know where that is if you'd prefer me to go somewhere else. Thanks.

Suggestion for additional feature: a "Return" - to go back to the last used tab from whatever group you were in. Additionally, perhaps, a little dynamic menu of recently visited tabs could be useful. Dragging and dropping tabs within the same group to re-order them might be good too. To complete the wish-list, if I could quickly put all tabs into bookmarks in their respective group structure, perhaps under a date-stamped folder, or have that happen automatically on a chosen schedule, that would be brilliant.

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Toolbar Autohide

Bally Marvellous! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I should have done this years ago. All I wanted was to restore the old way the F11 (Windows) fullscreen worked before a new version took it away. This does it well - with a couple of setting changes rather than the default - and it's nice to have other options. In case anyone's wondering, clicking on the fullscreen option in a youtube video automatically invokes this, so you can watch videos using the whole screen (and the transport controls auto-hide when mouse not moved, as usual). It also seems to automatically remove the annoying warning message that announced you were now in fullscreen and to hit Escape to come out. Hitting F11 instead will make the youtube page fullscreen, but not the video, which can be useful to see more around it, too. Works on TED videos too, so probably most, but I've not tried it very long yet. The taskbar is used as well - true full screen. As I only have a 10" netbook, the full use of web pages and videos is the dog's pyjamas. Many thanks to the writer, much appreciated!

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TabGroups Menu

TabGroups Menu - This is how to use tab groups! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for this powerful, intuitive, well-constructed addon for organising and switching tab groups. I've been using Tab Groups Helper, but it got buggy and never was the best way to deal with tabs. TabGroups Menu (TGM) lets you control which TabGroup you're using from a nested menu. It puts a new main menu item in the menu bar "TabGroups (T/G)" where T=total tabs and G=number of groups. You click (or settings lets you just hover) to open the list of groups, and hovering over those opens a sub-menu with the tabs in each group, giving the title and favicon, so it's easy to switch directly to a particular tab in the current group or another, just by clicking it. If you click the group item instead, it switches to that group, selecting the last used tab, or the first (leftmost) one if this data isn't available, I think.

Optionally, TGM will also put another menu item next to this (these are just left of the Help item) with the name of the current group, listing the tabs in it. This will make a quick way to find a tab instead of scrolling the tab bar sideways, which is often resource-limited and a pain. I haven't tested TGM yet with so many tabs in a group that they don't fit on my screen (small netbook) - that might make it a little awkward, but I imagine it will scroll, and it would probably be worth NOT having so many tabs in a group anyway!

Optionally, you can also replace the function of the Panorama button (the rectangles-icon thing that normally shows the pretty but fairly useless TabGroups Panorama View where you scramble your tabs into a sorry mess), or you can add a little menu arrow next to it, as the top level (this seems to need clicking, though, you can't open the menu by hovering over it). I usually hide the main menu bar to give more screen height, but I can either hit Alt and hover over the menus to use them, or click the Panorama icon.

As well as switching, you can drag and drop tabs from group to group very easily, either singly or by Ctrl-clicking to select several and then moving them. This is so much easier than faffing about with a separate window showing different lists (TGH), especially if you're used to dragging items around. It's ace - you can move tabs from the current group to another, or hoist them straight out of the menu from another group to the one you're using, or to another in the background.

I've had a little issue with the context menu on the Panorama menus - the selection colour flashes instead of staying steady, and on items with sub-items (like Move to...) the sub-menu doesn't open - but it functions well from the FF menu bar, and this isn't the sort of thing you'd do a lot of. I feel confident about this programmer, and I imagine it'll get fixed soon. Hovering over the current Group's name on the menu doesn't seem to open it immediately, but moving the cursor over the TabGroups item opens that, and then the current one opens when focused (as do all the other menus, in the normal fashion after clicking one) - none of these tiny issues is even worth knocking a star off over, to be honest. So far, I've not noticed any delay in populating the lists, which other group handlers have shown.

From the context menu (right-clicking on a group name) you can rename groups, close them, move them to other groups, create a new group, and bookmark the tabs in a group in one go (they go direcly to a folder named the would be great to be able to do the whole lot at once ;) ). You can apparently have sub-groups inside your TabGroups, but I've not tried that yet. The context menu when right-clicking a tab name gives - Close tab; and Move to ...(other group).

The options are pretty good, including a Sort option, to keep groups in alphabetical order, and various ones for accessing the menus and whether to show group- and tab-counts. I'm not sure all of them are working quite right, but they're not critical, just minor layout issues (e.g. unchecking the Show Tabs Menu, it's always there, and it's always named as the group name despite unchecking Use Active Group Name in Tabs Menu). Maybe after restart - I just installed this!

I've just realised this probably allows me to remove Multiple Tab Handler as well. This does more complicated stuff, but things I don't really use, and it's good to trim the system down for faster operation and reduce the clutter on the context menus. The main thing I used it for was selecting multiple tabs to close, and you had to select their actual tabs - doing it in TGM will be much quicker and safer.

Great work. Thoroughly recommended.

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Self-Destructing Cookies

Thanks Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I just noticed this is now deprecated. That's a real pity, it's been good having it. I had a problem with it popping up notifications in a loop - possibly conflict with another addon, but I haven't changed anything (except another one updated, but I disabled that and the problem persists), so I'm thinking it may be becoming unstable without support and I'll have to find something else to kick those cookies into touch. Thanks very much Ove, and all the best.

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Tab Groups Helper

Finally, Tab Groups is Worth Actually Using! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is brilliant. Well done, Allasso, and thanks. I have tried many times to make use of FF Tab Groups, but the usual interface is very poor, with emphasis on graphics instead of useful features. Several times I gave up.

Now that's all changed, especially after the new toolbar button, which gives immediate access to both the main window of TGH (the T icon - and you can select what it does in the options) and your list of tab groups (the down-arrow - which then also opens the windows in the tab hovered over, if that is set in the options). This means you can now switch from group to group very quickly indeed, or check what tabs each contains.

If you click on the tab group title in that list, TGH restores the group pretty quickly and remembers the tab you were on. Alternatively, you can scan the tabs on the sub-menu and choose a different one.

To be honest, this feature alone would have satisfied me (or, to put it another way, ended my frustration with Tab Groups), but the additional functions in the GUI are splendid as well, in particular, a quick, intuitive way of moving whole selections of tabs from one group to another, simply selecting them in the usual way, with or without Shift or Ctrl, and dragging and dropping, or culling tabs you no longer need (each has a little 'x' to remove it). You can even rename tab groups on the fly by editing the title.

You can re-order tabs quickly by drag and drop (so much easier than most tab managers where you'd have to scroll sideways to find different tabs to work on - just open TGH's window and they're in a vertical list instead. You can also change the current tab by selecting it and then closing the window, if you so wish - again, often quicker than searching horizontally for it.

But wait, there's even more! You can search through the tab groups for tabs that match input text (updated automatically as you type). It will match against both the website title and URL automatically. It will search the current group or all groups (checkbox next to input). And, most impressive of all, it will match your text against the page content (checkbox next to input). Brilliant. "Where the heck was that tab I opened about headsets? ... Oh, TGH will find it in a jiffy!".

The interface is a little non-standard (or shows up that way on my system, XP SP3) - the window doesn't have a normal border and can be slightly harder to position for that reason. It doesn't maximize, but does resize. It can be dragged around if you want to see something behind it without closing it. But a normal (perhaps toolbar-style) window might be better. The "manage groups" and "show all groups" interfaces seem the same (maybe due to my having set them up similarly, I don't know). And I do have button titles and menu item names in all lower case - let me know if I can help debug that, if it's a bug (the favicons are showing fine for me though).

But these are inconsequential nit-pickings. The interface is really quite a neat solution for what is a difficult problem - how do you show large numbers of items together so that they can be dragged around? The little "line with a dot on it" graphic that someone mentioned at the bottom left is actually a horizontal zoom tool. As you slide the dot along the line, it shows more tab groups in the side-by-side panels. It has to shorten the visible portion of the tab titles to compensate. If there are more tabs on the panel than will fit, it will add a vertical scroll bar to that panel (or you can switch it off in the options).

What's missing - well, nothing really. It would be neat if the horizontal scroll bar automatically scrolled if you drag a tab or tabs sideways beyond the window, rather than having to zoom or "switch" a panel's group if you need to move tabs to the other end of the groups. I would like to be able to re-order the groups (globally) so that they appear in the menu where I want them, or alternatively, just to order them alphabetically. And so far I haven't been able to find a way to extend the width of the main menu under the down-arrow of the icon or on the context menu when right-clicking on a tab header. Unless I'm doing something wrong, the width settings in the options don't seem to apply to these, and they're a little shorter than I'd like.

Please note, all of these are very minor issues. TGH is definitely the most useful addon I've got beyond standard security things like Adblock. And, in case you're wondering whether having lots of tabs and tab groups "open in the background" uses a lot of resources, it doesn't seem to on my puny little netbook. *Loading* lots of them (refreshing them) starts to fill up the memory, of course, but just having them there seems fine. I've currently got 107 tabs open in 14 groups.

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Form History Control

Probably Better Than I Realised Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've just reinstalled this. I had it running for months in the background, but didn't get to grips with it when I first installed it. There is quite a lot to get your head round because it does quite a lot of stuff and provides rich information and a lot of configuration options. You don't have to be a computer expert, but it might take a bit of time to read the help files (there's a menu item to open the website behind the dialog, so don't forget to minimize the latter to read it!) and think about the various tabs on the Options dialog to set it up how you want it, possibly over weeks of trial. For instance, I had no idea how useful and richly displayed the Editor History was until now - hovering over the relevant form field entry for a blog post I wrote last week shows the text and images are there, backed up in case of loss.

I also had an issue with the sizing of the main dialog - not showing the whole window, not resizeable, and taller than my 600 px screen so I couldn't get to the buttons, but it seems to have rectified itself - maybe I'll post to Support when I figure out when/how/if it comes back. I closed it by temporarily making my taskbar auto-hidden, but the next time I opened it, it was a normal window.

I would like a button or shortcut key to quickly protect items I see in the preview or history list - the menu item makes it a little fiddly to do several, and each then opens another dialog to give details, name it..?...etc. Improving the intuitive use of so much information isn't easy, but I believe it could be done with some tool tips and/or serious consideration of every element and tab. It isn't immediately clear what the difference is between "Show History" and "Editor History" (i.e. between the different kinds of field, or the triggering of their collection), for instance.

I get the feeling this addon is really well thought out and maintained. Rather than just lists of dates, for instance, it gives "3 days ago" etc., which is useful to find things in a long list. Lots of nice details like that. Good work Stephan and thanks.

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Indispensable add-on! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

It makes websites so easy to read, ones that were covered in distractions, pictures, etc., or had background images & colours too close to the text colour. It switches on/off for the whole browser, which I thought might not be as good as another extension that remembers the setting for each page, but in fact it's much better, and I don't forget what setting I have it on. You can have a button on the toolbar, so it's easy to switch. It can take a second or two, but it's not a problem. Some pages won't be easy to navigate and read all the different data, but it's not for that and no script could manage to do that. It does a very good job, but it's really for when you have lots of text to read and don't want all the clutter. What a relief it is to switch on! Thanks.One thing I'm puzzled by is the advice to set your own CSS in extensions.monochro.fontcss. I could probably do that, but how do I get to that data to change it?

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