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FATALLY FLAWED Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Do NOT use this Add-on. You are putting all of your eggs in one very flimsy basket. You stand to lose 100s or 1000s of precious links to information that you will never remember.

The developers DO NOT CARE,since this problem has been present since October 2014 and neither the data storage bug or the sloppy design has been addressed.

There is NO automatic backup of your data. You would need to export your data at least on a daily basis in order to be sure it is secure.

The lose all links "feature" has been present since October 23rd 2014, and yet the developers still do not acknowledge that this is a MAJOR problem.

Even though the problem has to do with Firefox itself, a well designed automatic backup would have prevented any data loss.

I can predict that the developers will change the way they store the data from SimpleStorage to IndexedDB, but will not fix the sloppy design which risks all of your essential data links by automatically saving a backup of your data.
26/01/15 Update to developer response:

Considering the value this data is likely worth to any user of OneTab, I stand by my review. Sloppy design due to no automatic backup of valuable data at risk. Even you think that OneTab (and Firefox) are working perfectly, you should ALWAYS have a backup available in case of unforeseeable errors.

In my case I had already checked store.json, and have no backup versions of the store.json file for my current Firefox profile. The current version of store.json, as you know, is completely empty.

Luckily I did have an export, which was missing about 100-200 links. I spent three hours editing 1200 links in my history and patching together 3/4 of the missing links. I have no idea what I have permanently lost, but I know I am missing about 50 links in total.

I am aware that the bug is a Firefox bug with storage handling. My point is that you were first made aware of this flaw in October 2014,and it has taken three months for that report to be taken seriously.

Until there is bulletproof backup of the data at all times I cannot recommend this add-on, and will be informing those I have recommended it to to either remove it, or take extreme measures to protect their data.