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Awesome Screenshot Plus - Capture, Annotate & More



It Damn Well Should Be!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.4.11). 


Oustanding Addon!!! but Lacking in Documentation Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Once I finally figured out you have to actually put the COMPLETE FILENAME PATH in the configuration options, Not just the directory like you normally would, it began working flawlessly! Even better it saves my bookmarks 5 seconds after any changes are made to it!

Since I have over 200,000 bookmarks and Xmarks cannot handle that many and has basically lost many many many of my bookmarks trying to keep them all synced, with their development team at one point having to reconfigure their servers to actually handle this size and amount of bookmarks, which was great but after many of them were already lost, I started looking for alternatives...and this means I can now save my bookmarks to my Cloud drive using this addon and NOT USE XMARKS ANYMORE!!!

Thanks Man, great Addon!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Better Gmail 2

Cannot wait to see whats coming next :) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi Gina!

Can you add the following features?:
1. Create a "Attend To" Button and Folder for ALL those emails I need to address BUT NOT RIGHT NOW? I always end up forgetting about them as they slip further back down the list....it would be great if I could just instantly move then to a "to respond" folder which also maybe has a popup or txt/email reminder I can set the frequency it annoys me :)

2. When I add a message to a Tag Group it would be nice if instead of the message it could Target that Sender! What annoys me is that I have to continue to add that senders messages if he writes me again or starts a new thread! It should be intelligent enough to know I want that sender to be tagged! NOT JUST THAT ONE CONVERSATION

3. ONE SIMPLE MENU FROM THE MAIN PAGE without needing to drill down and find sub/context-menus hidden all over the place...Basically a sub-menu that appears when you highlight a message from the main list of emails with the following options "Forward", "Add to Contacts", "Tag Contact & Message Thread", "Tag Contact Only", "Tag Message Thread Only", "Archive", "Delete", "Report Spam", "Add Star", "Respond Later" (Then send to the Folder I mentioned in #1 above)

4. Quick Filter - Again...from the MAIN PAGE instead of having to go through all the advanced search steps to create a darn filter, it would be very simple to highlight and right click and on that context menu have an additional sub-menu for filtering with the following sub-menu options below:
A. Hide all messages from sender - (basically it should create a filter that archives all messages from that sender and creates a filter that does not send to inbox and archives instead all incoming mail and existing messages from sender)

B. Send all Messages (with options for Current & Future/Current Only/Future Only)from sender to this folder (Then show the list of folders/tags available to select)

C. Forward Messages From Sender - Creates a filter which then forwards all future and/or current and future messages to an address you input) with the option to then delete or archive the original afterward

D. Etc...you get the picture I am sure

5. Add POP-UP & Cell Phone Text (SMS or MMS Options maybe?) Alert Options for Critical or VIP Emails, this would HUGELY assist me for responding to important email from a VIP that sometimes get missed because they get sent to a folder without hitting the inbox (do to a filter or whatever), there are certain people's email I ALWAYS WANT TO SEE FIRST and a Pop-Up would be the ideal tool for making that happen and I cannot believe they do not have it as an option!

Anyway I hope those give you more food for thought and I have a lot more ideas if interested, shoot me an email at jarrett.ridlinghafer@gmail.com


Step by Step Instructions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Its simple:Create a simple text (notepad works perfect) document with a quotation, or your favorite sayings or whatever, with each of them separated by a blank line with only a percentage character % such as the following line
then save it with the name "random_sig.txt" (or whatever you like. This is going to go where it asks you for the "fortune cookie" file later on.

Now create another text document, and this one will have your normal signature in it such as your name, phone, cell, email, physical address, etcl or any other information you want in your normal signature.
Save it with a name such as "my_signature.txt" (or whatever name you want, this will be the "signature file" asked for later on in the options menu

NOW - Go into your mail client and at the top Menu under Tools click on Add-Ons
Scroll down until you find "Random Signature" and click the "Options" button
Select the Fortune Cookie "Choose" button and select the file we named "random_sig.txt"
Click OK
Now scroll down to where it is asking for the "signature file" and select "choose" and find your file we named "signature_file.txt" and select OK

That is all you need to do. You can change the frequency it updates the random signature file in case you have it automatically changing or something otherwise just leave it at the 30 second default which should be fine.You can ignore the prefix and suffix or play around with them by adding text to each and see how it changes your signature.

I Hope this helps a little
--Jarrett Ridlinghafer

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4).