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Snap Links Plus

Necessary when doing research. No 64-bit version. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Snap Links Plus is necessary when doing research. If several links are available in a page of a document, Snap Links Plus helps me make sure I open all of them, and saves time.

Apparently there is no 64-bit version that works with the 64-bit version of the Pale Moon browser. So, I also use the 32-bit version of Firefox.

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Cookies Manager+

Excellent, but two issues: Rated 4 out of 5 stars

1) When displaying cookies in Cookies Manager+, one cookie is always automatically selected. That makes it easy to make a mistake when deleting cookies. Also, the automatically selected cookie is rarely one of interest to the user.

2) When deleting a cookie that is immediately replaced, the Cookies Manager+ Firefox add-on does not show the deletion, making it appear that the cookie was not deleted.

Google is now writing a cookie that, when deleted, is immediately re-written. Cookies Manager+ displays that Google cookie as never deleted.

That Google cookie in Firefox is re-written even when Firefox is not configured to use Google search, and there is no other add-on or plug-in associated with Google. It seems reasonable to guess that the Firefox browser cookie is written by software installed when installing Google's Chrome browser, but that is not certain. Also, it is possible that the cookie is labeled Google, but is not actually a Google cookie. However, Google has a history of installing system services without notifying the user; Google is known to be sneaky sometimes.

See this report for more information:
Report #4, Report date: Jan 26, 2015

NOTE: Mozilla's policy, "Please do not post bug reports in reviews" makes no sense. If there is a problem with an add-on, and a user takes the time to write a report, everyone who installs the add-on should be allowed to know about the problem. Problems should not be hidden by requiring each prospective user of an add-on to go to another web page full of very technical information.

Also, a prospective user who has problems with an add-on and wants to provide a report should not be required to make an account for a site that user may never visit again. That is especially true because if a user has a problem with an add-on, he or she will very likely decide to delete the add-on.

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Classic Theme Restorer (Fx29-56)

Needs better instructions. Necessary because of Mozilla Foundation mis-management. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on needs better instructions! The present very poor instructions are quoted below. Because the instructions are so limited, I'm guessing I will spend hours understanding them.

I don't know how to "switch to a new clean profile", or the effect of that. The sized of my main present profile is 220 MB. I don't want to waste the space.

What UI issues?

Without doing research I had no idea where localstore.rdf is located. I found that I have 13 localstore.rdf files on my computer, 2 associated with Firefox.

I have NO idea what the effect of "deleting localstore.rdf" would be. The localstore.rdf file contains information about add-ons. Would deleting localstore.rdf cause loss of configuration?

I have NO idea how to enter "customizing mode". What does "almost" mean; should I be worried about that?

All I want to do is install Firefox version 29 without having any changes in the user interface. Can this add-on do that? How?


This is a quote (Copied on 2014-05-25, 08:11 PDT):

"It is recommended to switch to a new clean profile (or at least delete 'localstore.rdf' from profile folder) to avoid UI issues after upgrading from Firefox 28 (and older) to Firefox 29 (and newer).

Note: Hitting "Restore Defaults" in customizing mode (Fx29+) is (almost) equal to deleting 'localstore.rdf' and easier to perform."

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Snap Links Plus

Loads links backwards. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Snap Links Plus is excellent, and necessary when doing research.

However, it loads links backwards. The link at the bottom is loaded in a tab next to the original page. The link at the top is loaded at the end of the list of tabs.

I don't see any way to configure Snap Links Plus to load tabs in the selected order.

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Things you should know Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Things you should know about Thunderbird Lightning Calendar:

Version number: To check the version number of the Calendar Add-on to Thunderbird you have installed, click on Tools > Add-Ons > Extensions.

CAREFUL: If you left-click on a Lightning calendar entry and somehow hit the DEL (Delete) key, the calendar entry will be deleted without confirmation!

Sunbird calendar now obsolete: Sunbird is a calendar application related to Lightning, from the same developers, that runs as an independent program. To have current versions of the calendar, Sunbird users must convert to using the Lightning add-on for the Thunderbird email program. That means they must use Thunderbird.

Export and Import: When exporting .ICS Calendar files from Sunbird so that they can be imported into Lightning, all Calendar event entries that have ever existed appear, even those that were for dates long in the past. It is necessary to change "All Events" (above the heading "Titles" of events) to some other value to hide those events.

Errors: When importing an .ICS Calendar file, the following message appeared. "An error occurred when writing to the calendar Home! Error code: MODIFICATION_FAILED." ("Home" is the name of the calendar.)


Mozilla publishes email addresses: Mozilla publishes the email addresses of those who submit bug reports. This applies to all Mozilla products, not just the Lightning calendar. That policy discourages the submission of bug reports.

Note that Mozilla uses 3 names for what, to the reader, is one thing: Add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins.

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Session Manager

Session Manager is wonderful, but not perfect. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Session Manager is necessary. Version 6.02 of Firefox is very unstable, far more unstable than version 3.6.20. Firefox crashes often when there are 100 tabs open, a situation that is common when doing research.

Session Manager is wonderful, but not perfect. Often it does not restore windows to the size at which they were saved. When restoring, apparently all tabs are re-loaded from the internet, instead of from the cache.

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Session Manager

Excellent, with minor flaws Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Firefox Session Manager add-on is necessary for those who do extensive research online. If many Firefox windows and tabs have been open for several days, through several system hibernations, Firefox becomes unstable, and even corrupts the Microsoft Windows operating system.

(The Firefox browser instability and memory hogging has been reported many, many times over several years, but has not been fixed. The problem is especially severe when more than 20 Firefox windows are open, with 5 or more tabs in each window.)

Using Session Manager, when Firefox becomes unstable it is possible just to re-start the Windows OS. That is seen by Session Manager as a Firefox crash, and all Windows and tabs are saved automatically. When opening Firefox again after re-starting the OS, Session Manager then offers to open all Firefox windows and tabs as they were before re-starting. That allows researchers to continue from where Firefox became unstable, with a fresh initially stable instance of Firefox.

Firefox Session Manager is not perfect:

1) In Firefox > Tools > Session Manager, 3 menu options are at the bottom of the list, Open Session Folder, Session Manager Options, and Reopen Closed. If there are a large number of session files listed, those 3 menu options are below the list of old session files, and may be hidden if many files are displayed.

All menu choices should be grouped together at the top. The list of files should be below the menu choices.

2) There is good documentation of Firefox Session Manager at http://sessionmanager.mozdev.org/options.html. However, the keyboard shortcuts available in Firefox > Tools > Session Manager > General > Keyboard Shortcuts are not explained.

It is possible to write Ctrl, Alt, and Shift for the Control, Alt, and Shift keys: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+M means holding down the Control, Alt, and Shift keys simultaneously and pressing the M key. Or, you can just press those keys, making sure the letter or character key is last.

Session Manager apparently does not accept key combinations that include the Windows key.

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Multi Links

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Saves time when doing extensive research.

A bit sloppy. The Change Log says only this:
Febuary 2, 2011, 32.5 KB

The name of the month is misspelled. That kind of obvious sloppiness may indicate there is hidden sloppiness, also.

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Session Manager

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

If you often have many windows and tabs open, Session Manager is necessary, because of the instability of Firefox. If Firefox crashes, and you don't have Session Manager, you will lose your work.

There are two areas in which Session Manager is less than perfect. When re-loading a session in which there are tabs that require a log-in, Session Manager may ask for the master password many, many times.

Second, Session Manager does not remember the window size of each window.

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iMacros for Firefox

Very useful, but quirky Rated 4 out of 5 stars

iMacros is very useful, but quirky. For example, there is this error message:

[JavaScript Application] Can not recognize path syntax for ''!

Updates break things that worked before. Before iMacros was set to start by pressing F8, but it isn't now, and when I try to set it, I get the error message above.

iMacros has demo macros offered with every update, but those will be put in the wrong place if the user isn't careful.

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Session Manager

Session Manager v0.6.8 fixes a bug. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Version 0.6.8 of Session Manager fixes a bug in previous versions. Previously, when there were many windows and tabs in a session, it was not possible to de-select or select individual tabs or windows. Now that feature works. Tested with Firefox 3.6.7.

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Session Manager

Beware of bug in version Rated 5 out of 5 stars

When re-loading a session, version of Session Manager does not allow me to choose which windows and tabs will be re-loaded. Sometimes double-clicking will toggle the check marks, most of the time it won't.

New users should be made aware of this. That's the reason for submitting the problem as a review.

This would normally be submitted as a bug report, but submitting a bug report requires that your email address be made public! Making an email address public causes a huge amount of spam. I suppose that Mozilla Foundation's way of discouraging bug reports.

Otherwise, I have found Session Manager to be excellent. It is absolutely necessary because Firefox is unstable and crashes often if you open many windows and tabs and put your computer into hibernation or standby.

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Web of Trust, MyWOT/WOT: Website Reputation Rating

WOT causing problems? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

WOT has been wonderful for us. However, in the last several days, we have been getting messages likes this:

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: chrome://wot/content/search.js:344

On 3 other computers, Firefox has been crashing the OS frequently, even though there have been no recent changes to the operating system (Windows XP SP3) or Firefox.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20091028).