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OMG a CHROME SKIN that Works on the LATEST FF :faint: Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Not that I have or WILL ever use Chrome but the little I have seen of it, the creator of this skin has captured perfectly- I know IE actually forms a big part of the OS but the size of the chrome install is just SICK (even SSDs dont work as well when they're a full up - if you want to waste your money on Chrome's own multi GB drive for its install U are of course welcome + also an insane google fanatic + you thought adobe made BLOATED products well NOT cf. google browsers it seems :D)even the actual size of IE would be nothing and unless U R a Google fanatic its NOT 'infinitely' faster than IE or whatever( + its nearly as bad/worse than FF when it comes to the degree of updates + add on breaking it, is M$'s idea of keeping the same version but adding (security etc) updates??? that difficult if you dont make the host OS? ) Even now add on breaking is unknown even now amongst IE add ons -Google might be by far the most popular browser but its hasn't caused IE to decline endlessly like FF - its stabilized + even reclaimed some of its viewing share but I think IE9 they put the some signif effort into has something to do it - the mind creates an interpretation of 'reality' unfortunately emotional intensity can screw the the accuracy of that 'interpretation' to death :o of course what ever the mind create Is by definition 'reality'.

I see relentlessly FF is the most customizable browser but my 14 year use of IE i have never been in want for lack of even some peculiar add on but NOW FF there isn't one single modern IE skin that works on the Latest ( v206 by the time you read this with a WHOLE 2 compatibles add on :D) + EVEN chrome skins this is the only one of the many that at least I can get to worh work on the current version.

My point is that shall i say politically while chrome...

(scream bare bones - I know that's the appeal but when U have to start tweaking something as BASIC as not having history to glance at have on in the click of a button not menu after menu of mouse control or bye it completely disappears + you have to completely restart the procedure, ON TOP of all the usual tweaking well some people prefer to do other things instead of having to tweak something for basics as well as the usual - thanks to the skins creator sense of practically (unlike google)in not reproducing the unfeasibly inaccessible history bar (or just history bar) of chrome)

.....may not have the aesthetics of today's IE but I'd infinitely prefer to look at its aesthetics than FF (...well you know what word coincidentally suitably word starts with F +, has 4 letters ends in 'Y' ;-) while I'm surfing the web(+ I HAVE to use FF - dont ask - on XP there not much practical choice with the range of add ons I use UNLIKE ON 7 of course , yes IE is certainly part of the "system" (OS) unlike all the other pretenders)....

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (32.1). 


re IE NON -USER; SBanerjee Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yes we are FF users but it does not IMPLY we are emotionally irrational,uninformed/ignorant fanatics (being on XP i am only using ridiculously endlessly updated sometimes even w/o debugging Firebox by default (cf IE9 on Win7 - this addon improves the "today's aesthetics" of this mozilla brwsr .) so speak for yourself not "other users"re IE - the stated aim of the addon in to replicate IE9 ie please IE9 fans, not your firefox blinded hybrid - clearly if you didn't know about IE's Yellow star?, throughout its LONG history it has been synonymous with Favorites button (ie bookmarks) why on earth would even begin to criticize something you have so little info on conversely have so much prejudice on?? Look at any pic of IE9 like the ones on this site/page and the yellow star is still at the top, now on the right between the home + option buttons - as a firefox fan you wont be familiar with modern browser design that optimizes such a browser's main role - VIEWING 'framing' the web, in the most clutter + distractionless, enhancing,complementary stand out way while maintaining ease of use + functionality.

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Offer Assistant

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Firefox 16.0.1 on XP Professional using LUA + SRP

On Firefox with the rate of updating versions it appears to be effecting the ability to consistently USE this add on :( - though this is a well documented downside to such frequent version updating + the browser security aspect.

Though my Firefox experience of Billeo as a form filler is small, my use of it is experienced; On IE (IMO) it seemed the best choice form filler from the vast range of form fillers for IE a few years ago (range of site compatibility made me choose it over Last Pass) and since then apart from the unavoidable but workable incompatibilities generated with actively using,upgrading + customizing an OS it hasn't given me any problems + has done what i expected in a reliable,aesthetic + efficient manner.

PS for those extreme negative reviews that are so conceited to believe my review is not genuine i suggest that such conceit prevents U from considering the POSSIBILITY it is your OWN set up that is the problem/fcuked UP rather than Billeo - if U are experienced + skilled at running a PC you wont be able to disagree considering the complicity/degree of ENDLESS unforeseen Software (+ Software) OS interactions (especially the unchallenged degree of range of Software - naturally available for the, understandably ;) unchallenged dominant OS platform )

PPS After reading all the reviews its reminded me what a PAIN in the a** writing out so many credit card/address forms used to be so, if you buy online frequently, just like any top notch form filler, Billeo is INVALUABLE!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Incredible mimicry + ALSO very smooth + efficient running - faster than using virtualized (+ that's with the virtual disk on a Samsung series 830 SSD) Win7Lite to get IE9 on XP :-)

PS Naturally authentic IE9 requires the Tabs below the address bar but ABOVE the tabs to against the past decade old convention, since Microsoft have afaik managed to prevent any of the usual tweaking of IEs such configuration.

Unfort the current FF vers 15 has taken away the 'visible' option of the tab bar position but its easy reapply:

You can get the tabs back on bottom with the help of a secret preference present in "about:config" page:

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It’ll confirm, click on I’ll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now type ontop in the Filter box and look for following boolean key:


3. The entry "browser.tabs.onTop" would be set to true. Double-click on it or right-click on it and select "Toggle". It'll set its value to false.