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In a little more detail...

I've been totally blind since birth.
Speech (and sounds) are an absolute must for me to get around in the digital world.
Yes, I use extensions just like the rest of you sighties…

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No Colors For Me Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've been totally blind since birth. A feature I'd kinda like to see (since I have no way of knowing (at all, lest a sighted person stands by me) when the GreaseFire icon turns red on a page) is to have a sound notification for new scripts that can be applied..
BTW, I would prefer to pick the sound.
Just a small thought from someone who really can't see at all.

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Cheevos for Firefox

How can i Enjoy this? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I can't see anything at all, so no point in even competeing with friends on any scale. Cannot use a mouse, so clicking things is totally out.

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WVPraise Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yup, just another totally blind person using FireFox (scared yet, sighties?)
Totally awesome addon;
So sorry i never got to writing a "real" review till now for this one.
Absolute positive god send!
Biggest part: CTRL+Alt+6 on a captcha-based form solves it; 99% of the time;
If not, new captcha, new CTRL+Alt+6, there's the new result on me clipboard ready to go!
Safe to say YahHoo!
Like the community based tagging feature for links, images, and forms.
to see how the community tagging deal works.
Huge note to self: WV DOES NOT APPLY the updated tag to a graphic attached to a button, I.E.,
Also, don't tag elements on the Google pages; You'll get an "Error code" of "37".

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Unsure how to use this? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Just grabbed this yesterday, and have some tough questions about this addon:
A. I'm totally blind, so i have to use a screen reader full time to surf the web, let alone use a computer in the first place.
Using FireFox 12.0 Aurora in Windows XP Service Pack 3.
The screen reader i'm using is called NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access); can be tried by going to http://www.nvda-project.org and downloading a copy.
Most of the time, the extensions i manage to get going in FireFox work beautifully; Take the cases of NoScript, Noise, and WebVisum.
Standard dialog boxes are used where needed, and all controls (maybe 99% of them) are read perfectly.
This extension is a glaring exception to the rule.
NVDA does not read the text prompts next to the controls in the NoRedirect Options dialog;
Also, the table cells in the supplied table are not read at all (I.E., the text of the selected cell and column are not read at all; guessing it's supposed to be the highlighted NoRedirect rule i just selected.
NVDA just says "row", "row", "row" when i arrow up or down through the table entries.
B. i see at least 16 patterns of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" when i tap the Tab key on my keyboard to move between the different dialog box controls for this addon;
The edit boxes allow me to fill in the various entries;
I can toggle the checkboxes on or off, but I have absolutely no indication of the control's name at all.
Assuming there's various patterns i can fill in in these edit boxes and applying exceptions via the checkboxes.
One extremely handy edition to rendering text next to individual controls is to render text next to individual groups.
In this case, assuming there's 16 groups, the first pattern of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" I'm guessing is a default rule of some kind.
Maybe call this 'By default,'.
Then the individual checkboxes would have text next to them containing the control's name;
Huge note here; do not write 'checked' or 'unchecked' in the checkbox's name as part of the control; NVDA will indicate the condition of the checkbox as i change it.
C. No real documentation for this extension; kinda leaves me hanging, dazed, and confused…Lead Zeplin not included.

Navigational Sounds

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It's me again.
Not writing about Noise, But this time, Navigational Sounds.
Anyone remember the old Listerene mouth wash commercials; says what it does, does what it says?
This addon is exactly that;
It does only 1 job, but very nicely.
It plays your "local registry" sounds for a few key situations;
You can only change these sounds in the 'Sounds & Audio Devices' control panel screen.
If you're looking to choose your own sounds, get Noise instead.
For those simple people who just want a simply well-done extension, you'll be delivered that via Navigational Sounds.
Note "local registered" earlier;
This extension DOES NOT LET you change the sounds proper;
It only plays them.
For those of you looking for a more complete listening session of ear candy, get Noise;
I chose Noise over Navigational Sounds, however, because i want very fine grain control over what sounds i hear when; Emphasis on what and when, especially via filters.
I've got a Noise folder with sounds and a Noise.RDF file if you wanna go loud and proud.
For those of you wanting to see what Noise is all about, go to the add-on page for Noise:
Or for the official homepage proper,
Quick recap:
Simple listeners want Navigational Sounds;
Really complex ear-candied listeners want Noise.

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Small Fixer-Upper of an update? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

All right, folks, time for an updated review!Here's the address for those of you who only care about following hyperlinks and not taking the time to even read the reviews before you write one:http://www.bootleq.com/noise/For anyone looking to take the noise floor up from total silence in FF,this add-on delivers better than any Domino's or Hungry Howie's Pizza!A. Have plenty of wave files around.B. be ready to read the event reference and filter pages on Bootleq's Noise site; They can easily yield some close to 30, if not more, events.And the filters? Since they only trigger when they're true, sounds can be easily set for individual http errors, like 401, 403, 404, 500, etc...C. Find a lot of time on your hands; The Noise Preferences dialog feels deceptively simple, but you can easily get drunk after an hour or more playing 'round with new ideas.And before anyone writes me off to the local landfill? i should inform you all fine folks of a small confession:i'm really a totally blind Windows user;Totally blind since birth.Sounds are an absolute must in my daily life on the computer.I've got sets of sounds assigned to Windows events, Skype, TeamTalk, a full-time screen reader known as Jaws (no wait, now NVDA full-time) and what's this?Video game sounds save the day once again in FireFox 26 as i'm writing this with Noise 1.3.3;Sounds from various Genesis games like Mortal Kombat 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters;Yup? Few from each conveying the going-on since i cannot see the screen at all, let alone stare at the text on a web page.Actually used to use FF3.6 initially as a laugh and was blown away by the whole concept.Before i go any further, take the time to read one or two pages, get a few error codes, tick or clear some checkboxes (DOES NOT APPLY in DIALLOG BOXES, ONLY WEBPAGES), and this add-on's gonna kick some very serious tail in the Celeberty Death Match department, lol.Small note about adding events:Make a big note of where you're sitting in the tree.I say that because the events you're about to add to the tree (whether manual or from the events guide) will get dropped just above the event you're currently sitting on in the tree.The less drag and drop I have to do, the better.Speaking of drag and drop, Bootleq, I'd like to be able to use Alt_Up Arrow or Alt+Down Arrow to resort the events in the tree.I don't always have access to a mouse, and those keystrokes just seem to work beautifully for me.Also, how is it possible to underline letters in the buttons, say, the A for Add..., the E for Edit, the P for Play, the D for Disable and the R for Remove or Erase?
That way, i can do Alt+A for tapping Add..., Alt+E for Edit, etc...
As a small curiosity, wonder if sounds could be added when an item is made true or false (in my case by tapping the space bar over it);That shouldn't just apply to the main tree, but also, to the Events Guide, that way I know I definitely am about to add events to the main tree?Also, Bootleq, if you don't mind, I'd like to update your default Events guide with two (or more likely three or more) events that just from my travels I figure people might want to hear; You know, like the damned 404, the 502 or the 509?Like this one:noise-WebProgress-stop&subject.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIHttpChannel).responseStatus=='404'(think these were Event Topic via AddObserver)Or perhaps, a little something like:RadioStateChange&event['target'].checked==trueCheckboxStateChange&event['target'].checked==trueCheckboxStateChange&event['target'].checked==falseAll three codes are Browser Event (via GBrowser.AddEventListener)?These three only will trigger when a form control is changed, so it happens literally in realtime, no questions asked.Bootleq, if you ever read this (if your eyes don't get tired first from all the praise ), your radio button and checkbox state change events are flawless!Like a flawless victory on Mortal Kombat, following an ultimate fatality!I.E., i'm guessing the rating system for the review is a series of radio buttons (I.E., where i can only click 1 at a time from 1 to 5 stars).Neato!Muy bien!And in case i didn't mention it already,take the time to read theEvents Reference andEvents Filterpages on Bootleq's Noise site!Absolute paramount for getting the most shock and awe in to your FireFox sound stage!I'll be lookin', (I mean, listenin'...

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Form History Control

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Awesome extension! This is from someone who really is a totally blind user of FireFox.
Since the Tab key is honored as a shortcut key, he just lost a star or two from his rating.
Tabbing is ridiculously important to me in Firefox; i can't survive without it since all of my action is done from the keyboard only!

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