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Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I am very sorry that I have to give 1 star, but this addon unfortunately brings certain internet pages, like amazon and netbookcheck, to a screeching halt (for 5 - 10 seconds the browser freezes almost totally, the same happens if you reload the page). Tested with Firefox 17.0.1 and Linkification 1.3.8.. Other users like VanDammage confirmed this as well. This can cause a lot of trouble and time loss. Further time loss to find out which plugin causes this. And unfortunately it is obviously linkification...

Video DownloadHelper

Two edged sword... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I give 3 stars because
a) it works fine BUT
b) (on my machine, at least) it creates ridiculous processor load on my firefox 5. Lets say you have 20 firefox windows opened (no video sites opened). Everything runs perfectly smooth.

But once you start a single video site and start viewing a video (youtube for example) the processor load climbs to 25% (which is completely normal, slower of faster computers will get other numbers of course) - BUT when you close this single firefox video window (e.g. the youtube window) so that you have 20 open firefox windows again the damn processor load does NOT go down, it is PINNED at 25% (!). It does NOT reduce itself from this point, from then on everything is jerky in the remaining 20 firefox windows. (Please note that I have a perfectly installed OS and the latest adobe flash and drivers etc. and blabla). You can clearly "feel" (see) that the computer is working on something and does not stop, it simply becomes a damn snail.

This does NOT happen if you do EXACTLY the same in firefox 5s secure mode (which means all addons are deactivated).

I have narrowed this phenomenon down to video download helper (e.g. 100% sure) - for some reason video download helper creates processor load on video sites (I guess the software is doing something in the background) and does NOT stop to do whatever it does even if the video site is closed.

This strange effect can only be stopped by completely closing all firefox windows and reopening all firefox windows (except the video site of course). Then, processor load is suddenly normal again.

Therefore, 3 stars, the software is good, but you should only activate it when you need it! Perhaps this is also only an issue with the latest version or my computer (which is supposed to be very good, also maintained very well)...I have windows 7 64 bit, 8 gigs ram and nice components overall.

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