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Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I didn't try out this app but will in the future that's for sure. However after reading this Dave's comment I started to think about that. Definitely I should, before all, try it out to have some lights about the extension to really start thinking about what he wrote.
Sorry for rating 3 (or whatever) but it's obligatory to put stars.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120910.1-signed). 

All-in-One Gestures

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Not fair from me having to vote a star/s without testing it.
I am in a hurry (wouldn't write this comment yeah :0) if so) and I wanted to use my mouse gestures in a recent firefox installed in this pendrive with PA (portable apps - similar to the U3 application). I normally use fire gestures ext. and a "long time ago" in some previous Firefox version, I used some other mouse gestures extension I really don't know its name now. It's really a shame not to try this one since I read many good stuff from users of this one and I wanted to try it out (for now) but I can't seem to find out how to cancel the gesture after it started. In fire gestures I can even pick the time to wait for the abortion of the gesture.
Resuming: I'm a fire gestures user and gave a try at this one but since I don't find out how to cancel a gesture I'm disabling it and install FG. All I really use is fwd/back and cancel; and in settings: set color, width and time for cancel gesture.
I also use - mouse related - mouse zoom and double click to close tab. "Of course" I use other extensions as well.

Can some one tell if there is such option (to cancel gesture) and how to do it?

To the author: if there isn't that option could you add it in a future update please?
Thx and sorry for any "redundancy"(?) or being too repetitive

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Double Click Closes Tab

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

In first place let me thank you for all of your work and close attention and dedication you have for us who use your work with pleasure :0) I checked your site (quickly) and I liked the style very much. You sure don't follow the latest web fashion styles that big sites dictate. Every new page tries to look like the latest trendy web pages. They don't think about the user. They think how close it can be from that "cool" design of facebook, google, etc. It's the only goal of web designing.
Yours shows the text directly, no distractions. We start to read immediately while in the common fashion we 1st look at whole page and it's style. Then we try t find a piece of text. Then we try to figure out what we should or not read. Then we try to read..... What a pain!

Ok enough of this. But it reflects your view of usability. "I give others what I like for me" - am I right?
I'm using Double Click Closes Tab - adds more tags key searches to this page :0) - because I like my browsing without annoyances and fluidly. I don't want to frown just to click in a tiny red x button - am I controlling the "computer" or is he controlling me saying I must click that sh*t to close him? Now imagine older people's experience with the web! A whole afternoon just to browse a dozen webpages - what a waste of their precious time. Yes, yes it's the naughty red X fault! Hehe - / well they can always use the browsers without tabs. New windows might be a solution.

I'd love to know how to program just to "disassemble" some programs and rebuild them with easier and bigger fonts and buttons etc. Yes that's not webpage design related I know but, nevertheless...

Related to the tiny red X close buttons I search in the past for bigger close buttons tab etc and never found a "direct" extension which made them bigger thus easier to click but found nothing more than (in a google group ff discussion) to edit userChrome.css adding some lines. There is also chromeditplus where one can edit that same css file within and while using firefox.

Anyway, it works greatly for me. It takes a bit to get used to double and triple right click (not just in tabs but anywhere, doesn't have to do with this extension!). Thank you very much for providing different ways to do the primary objective which was to double click to close tabs!
Sorry for the big reply and any english mistake or lack of phrase build or sense or whatever. Keep it up please. We need people like you thinking and inventing better ways of, in this case, using firefox. Cheerio!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.26.1-signed.1-signed). 

Context Search RG

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hello there and thank for this ext.
Could someone explain in short what are the differences of this extension and the other ones (that do the "same" actions)?
Another thing. To someone that publishes an extension - does it offer the option to add tags? It was very difficult to me to search for these extensions. I'd never find out what to search for - it was luck and time consuming (for an anxious person :0) ). "context menu" is something most won't think of when they're not very savvy. It was after many(?) pages down that it appears in "search" keyword. I also googled search with google for (I think it was like this) add search engine/s.
Another thing: why does the "context search" say featured?
The more point and click I have, the better. I'm so lazy hehe so this ext fits me excellent. Gotta find more and more...
Thanks again!

Add to Search Bar

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I wish that many extensions provided the same aid:
"If you don't know how to use the extension, have a look at the second image - it's a screencast showing it in action." so we can do it right even(?) before reading the instructions.
Too bad there aren't many (didn't find one yet) simple search engines like less stuff occupying the left and the right side of the results which makes 3 columns in a page in total. Like in google: search preferences; results; that new stupid preview panels. I've been using yahoo but still uses the filters in the left and not plain html (I think). Why can't they be at the top leaving space for the results to be there? I miss the old times...
Even this text box (in addons.mozilla.etc) is tight and so much space to this bottom and the right is wasted. 80% of this viewable area (mine i.e.) is wasted. Bloody trends..

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.1-signed). 

European Portuguese Spellchecker

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Afinal o que escrevi aqui anteriormente acerca de não se classificar com "estrelas" estava incorrecto. É mesmo obrigatório votar com a estrelinha. Mas fico na dúvida se na altura seria mesmo necessário...
"Disponibilizem a versão SEM O ACORDO ORTOGRÁFICO!!!!!".

Alguns utilizadores pensam que existe o DEVER dos autores (do ff e derivados neste caso :0) ) satisfazerem as nossas exigências. Não pagamos pelo FF, pois não? Então se quiseres usas este e se não quiseres não o usas, é muito simples.
Ao que parece têm a sorte de alguém ter tido o trabalho de criar e disponibilizar uma versão sem o acordo ortográfico nesse site "maracujah.etc etc".
Não deviam votar negativo neste dicionário apenas por causa do acordo ortográfico.
Quem sabe escrever minimamente não altera em nada nem fará diferença pois sabem que essas palavras anteriores ao acordo estão "bem" escritas. Escrevem a palavra como querem e aparece o tracejado a vermelho. É esse o grande problema que faz com que o dicionário seja inútil ou esteja incorrecto? Adicionam (se quiserem) essa palavra ao dicionário e já está.
Estou muito grato e satisfeito por poder usar todos estes produtos da Mozilla gratuitamente. - dêem uma vista d'olhos no "about us" (v.Ing.).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

European Portuguese Spellchecker

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

crolidge: para evitares certas "ondas", sabendo que as palavras estão correctamente escritas, vais ter de as adicionar à lista. Eu faço isso constantemente e quase que me recuso a usar a "nova escrita". Aqui há uns anos, quando se andava a falar no assunto, pensei que seria para favorecer quem escrevesse da maneira de como se pronuncia a palavra mas que a escolha fosse opcional. Afinal não. E nem sequer tivemos voto na matéria. Estou completamente fora do assunto - desse acordo ortográfico - assim como, penso eu, a maioria da população portuguesa. Não pude dizer que estava contra através do meu voto. Fiquei triste quando soube que TERIA obrigatoriamente de escrever como esses Srs. quiseram.

Há muitas palavras em inglês que ME ajudam a escrever a mm palavra em português : action - acção; correct correcto; correction correcção; act acto; cactus cacto; estes até são muito idênticos entre si mas há tantos mais.
E continuarei a escrever como sempre escrevi até pagar multa. Sou contra, contra!

Voto 5 neste extra(?) porque me ajuda muito e facilmente reconheço as palavras que ele (o dicionário) não reconhece. E eu zumba. Toma lá esta! Aprende a escrever português. E ele engole e não repete mais.
Quanto àqueles que votam 1 só por questões de incompatibilidade das versões (e não verções - realmente faz-te falta o dito cujo) lembro-vos de que não precisam de o classificar uma vez que não o experimentaram, não é verdade? Isso é uma acção egoísta: Bem... "como não dá" toca a "vingar-se" e a reclamar através do voto negativo. Ora se existe uma caixa de comentário é para a usar. Se não se instalou e experimentou não se tem argumento para dizer se é bom ou mau. A estrela não é obrigatória!
Cumprimentos e agradecimentos ao autor e a todos os envolvidos.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Damn mate thanks to you I got it again working with ver. 4. I registered to thank you! Of course the register will be very useful here for other extensions. There are MANY answers in the web we get exclusively from forums but registering for thanking someone isn't very easy as we don't have the time or will for it and will be a one post register. Then it turns out "waste" in mail inbox and might get into advertisers hands (our email address i.e.)
Thank you so much. I'd never think of that (after all in this matter of add-ons i'm only a point and click user).
Btw it was pure luck I passed over the rating stars - they're completely invisible following this latest fashion which is "invisibility". No more line boxes around posts, search boxes, etc. So where do we click to put the cursor blinking?; "Where do I write?" asks a web beginner. I started to see it in youtube those important line limit boxes disappear and so on till goggle search box and more and more will come.
Sorry for the non topic. Cheers

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.7).