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Star-Button In Urlbar

really cute, useful add-on Rated 5 out of 5 stars

EDIT 29 June 2016

A super & quick response from the dev and a beta fix for the change in behaviour between v1.3 and v1.4 of SBIU (so much easier to type lol) bumps score back to 5 stars.

Thanks Aris.


hi all

I've just this lovely little add-on ever since FF went to that weird double bookmark button design.

I've also used this add-on completely successfully with another long-term bookmark add-on called "Add Bookmark Here ²".

I've used this other add-on for so long it was a struggle to remember why but some research and investigation led me to conclude it had been because it allowed me to properly edit bookmarks AND control where they got saved, at a time when Firefox didn't let me do that (before the bookmark was saved).

Anyway, unfortunately, since star-button in urlbar went to v1.4, I've been experiencing (in my ignorance), what appeared to be my bookmark editing window seemingly randomly disappearing, while I was editing/typing the bookmark name. I thought I was randomly pressing some keyboard shortcut or something to cause this behaviour.

However, reverting to star button in urlbar v1.3 showed that it was the version change to 1.4 which appeared to be triggering the issue. Further testing appears to indicate that this auto-saving, auto-hiding or auto-closing behaviour of the bookmark editing window is default behaviour in FF47 (I tried disabling both the discussed add-ons to test the bookmarking process in FF).

Confusingly the changelog for star-button in urlbar 1.4 says:

"- marked as multi-process compatible
- Fx47+: hide bookmarks popup, if bookmark is not bookmarked yet (pre-47 way)
- Fx47+: switch position of "Done" and "Remove Bookmark" buttons"

This would imply that the hiding of the bookmarks pop-up happened before FF 47 but I'd not witnessed this before (perhaps due to Add Bookmark Here ²).

Anyway, the main thing is that reverting to v1.3 of star-button in urlbar returns the bookmarking behaviour I am familiar with.

My question is whether this closing or hiding of the bookmark editing pop-up can be prevented by this add-on in any way (in a future version)?

I suspect that perhaps the author is trying to avoid complicating the situation with add-on options (which is understandable) but perhaps this could be a way forward?

Finally, my apologies if I have misrepresented or concluded anything incorrectly here.



PS I am very happy to discuss this with the developer and do any testing required.

PPS I've just noticed as well that if one duplicates a tab, the star-button doesn't appear in the URLbar of the additional tab (it's still present though in the original tab). The explanation is to do with another extension I use (tab mix plus). This extension allows me to configure the behaviour of the new tab button (amongst loads of other things to do with tabs). I've got it so that a duplicate tab with all the page history of the old tab gets created, when a new tab event occurs. I disabled tab mix plus and found that I can't duplicate a tab unless I use CTRL+left mouse click on the reload page icon (or middlebutton) or drag the tab to a new position and press CTRL at the same time. These actions result in a duplicate tab with page history and star-button in URLbar appears perfectly. I mention this only in case any other user sees this behaviour occurring and is puzzled.

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Extension List Dumper 2

pretty good but have discovered a couple of issues Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I've used this successfully a few times now, when I've had to dump out a list of extensions for a support call, etc.

Really nice. I particularly like the way you can control the level of detail provided and filter between, for example, active and disabled extensions.

However, I've just discovered a couple of problems (using public release FF 47.0):

1) it lists extensions that are not user installed and are actually firefox default installs:

- firefox hello
- multi-process staged rollout
- pocket

2) it omitted the following plugins:

- openH264 video codex (cisco)
- primetime content decryption module (adobe)
- widevine content decryption module (google)

It might be nice if it dumped dictionaries too but that's a suggestion rather than a problem.

I'm sorry to post problems here but couldn't see a way to reach the developer.



Korpus lexical: dictionary, thesaurus, translation

a really annoying bug Rated 2 out of 5 stars

EDITED (27 May 2016).

v2.2.6 with firefox 46.0.1

I'm getting the Korpus pop-up window reasonably frequently, when I've just clicked on something i.e. not with the defined shortcut process (which is currently CTRL+select/drag)

This did not happen before v2.2.6

Korpus appears to remember when you pressed the CTRL key, even after you have released it.

This causes all manner of problems.

Any legitimate use of the CTRL key and subsequent selection of text will result in the korpus pop-up. If you select some text (for any reason) then press CTRL then click elsewhere, you get the pop-up


1) select some text to copy/paste
2) CTRL+c
3) position with mouse click to paste
4) you get the korpus pop-up

This is extremely annoying as it is very intrusive and unwanted.

The workround is to amend the shortcut:

1) click on korpus toolbar button - should be set of curly brackets
2) click on little question mark top right
3) change CTRL to CMD (if you're on windows)

N.B. assuming CMD is supposed to be the windows key, this keyboard combo doesn't work at all in the extension, so effectively disables the keyboard shortcut for korpus.

Finally, it would be good if the author provided some means of contacting them, aside from the reviews section.

I'd prefer to work proactively with the dev regarding problems, rather than posting a bad review.




EDITED (19 May 2016).

v2.2.6 seems to have fixed the facebook video controls 'sticking' to mouse problem. Nice.


EDITED (15 May 2016).

I have just discovered a possible bug which appears when using korpus 2.2.3 with facebook videos.

These videos work perfectly with firefox in safe mode.

I have only the korpus extension enabled (all other extensions are disabled) and when I click, for example, on the volume control on a facebook video, the control stays active, even when the mouse pointer is moved away from the video.

It's like the control element remains active after clicking on it.

It appears to be korpus because when I disable this extension and CTRL+F5, the video player controls behave normally again :(

It is very annoying because it makes it very difficult to watch videos.

The video progress bar is also affected. It makes it impossible to re-watch a bit of a video.


EDITED (12 may 2016).

With version 2.2.3, the author has added support for (use "" in options, then search for "thesarus").

This appears to work fine for me, although I do use NoScript. I must have whitelisted the website when I'd been previously investigating synonym sites.

Please note what the dev says (in the release info), if you experience issues.

I had given my review 5 stars, since the add-on now does exactly what I was looking for in the extension.

However, when I looked closely at what was retrieved by Korpus (when I searched the word "name"), I found stuff being missed out. I compared what was retrieved with searching directly on

The website produces 5 tabs of information but Korpus only presents the synonyms and antonyms from these 5 tabs.

It misses out "other adjectives related to name" and "more words related to name". Perhaps there is a technical limitation in what can be retrieved but the information omitted seems relevant.

I'm sorry if I'm being ungrateful. The add-on works much better than before. i think it is quicker too. Finally, appears to use content from Roget's 21st century thesaurus, so is very up-to-date.

I'm happy to work with the dev, if he needs someone to do some testing.

I was looking for a synonym/thesaurus pop-up, rather like the right-click spellcheck in firefox.

This comes close, with a pop-up window.

I'm using firefox 46 public release with korpus 2.0

However, during testing, I failed repeatedly to find synonyms using the author's supplied thesaurus sources. I believe this is down to shortcomings in the sources used, rather than necessarily problems with the add-on.

However, another problem is the UI and the way you configure the add-on to work (i.e. it has dictionary, thesaurus and translation functionality and you control this functionality by choosing the source to search and required action). It took me a while to understand how it 'works'.

You must:

1) click on Korpus's toolbar button.

It 'should' have appeared on installation. If not, try customizing the FireFox toolbar - look through the list of available buttons. You should see a pair of curly brackets above letter "k".

Add it to the toolbar.

Unfortunately, clicking on Korpus's options in the add-on list appears to do nothing more than show you the standard details page for that specific add-on.

2) having installed/clicked Korpus's toolbar button, choose the source to search (e.g. pick Merriam-Webster from the list)

3) then type into the little search bar below, what search category you want (thesaurus, synonyms, dictionary, translation, etc - note some sources only offer certain categories e.g. English-Spanish dictionary, thesaurus, etc).

4) Then you choose the actual word to check (from the main browser window). I just double-clicked to highlight the word, then right-clicked and chose "search selection" from the context menu. You hopefully then will get a mini pop-up window with returned content.

Unfortunately, my test word was "bilingual" and had very limited success. None of the thesaurus sources I tried (below) could find this test word. I cross-checked using the provided results link - the words were absent from the search source. They did find some other words though:

- the ARTFL project - roget's thesaurus (result = "something went wrong"; tests with other words didn't work either)

- merriam webster (result = "the word you entered is not in the thesaurus"; tests using other words worked though nicely - got a dictionary definition of the word, along with alternatives)

- chambers thesaurus (result = couldn't find bilingual but did find "thesaurus" and worked nicely - information was clearly presented too. Succinct and tidy)

- oxford dictionary (result = no word found then "404 page not found" on clicking link; worked with another word though nicely and produced a lot of information).

As others have said, Korpus has great promise. The translation option could be really useful. I really like the pop-up too. It's pretty quick to find and return content. The foundation of a great extension is there.

For my purposes though, the add-on failed due to the search sources used.

I tested another add-on ("word query" by "dbyrne") which uses "". This has proven more reliable in returning content. It also offers dictionary and translation options. The big issue (for me) with "word query" is it opens in a new tab. This is disruptive to workflow. It also doesn't pick up words highlighted in editors (e.g. testing a word that I'm typing in this review), whereas korpus does.

If Korpus used and configuring was more user friendly, it would be really nice.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0). 

URL Suffix

really nice, practical extension Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I've been using this extension for some time. Such a sensible idea, as, living in the UK, I had far more need for autocompletion with than .com (which you get with CTRL+ENTER on IE and firefox).

Works fine with FF 45.0.2 (using URL suffix

However, I've recently experienced new behaviour when using ALT+ENTER (which I've configured to add to a URL). Now, for some reason, the suffix is added but the address is opened in a new tab.

I swear this has never happened before, even though ALT+ENTER is used by FF as a default to open an address in a new tab.

Can the author do anything to disable this default behaviour?

I'm sorry but I didn't post this in the support forum, as the last posts there were in 2014.



IE View Lite

such a shame Rated 1 out of 5 stars

having used this add-on for something like 5 years (my go-to, simple, minimalist, right-click 'open page in IE' extension), I've just discovered it no longer works.

I've moved to "open with Internet Explorer" (Baris Derin). This does more than I personally need but at least it works (tested with general release FF 45).

Multiple Tab Handler

not performing as I would expect Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I don't want to give an inaccurate review, so am asking for some help or guidance.

I chose this extension as I wanted to be able to select multiple tabs and, for example, move them to a new firefox window.

This works fine if a new window is already open. Right-click move to new window works perfectly, even if new window is not open.

However, I thought that I would be able to drag a group of tabs to the desktop and that a new window would open for them. This doesn't work though. It only opens/moves the one with the focus.

Also, the automatic pop-up window only works with one tab. If you select, say, 3 tabs, after clicking the 3rd tab, no auto pop-up windows appears.

Any advice?

I am using this with tab mix plus but have turned off CTRL and SHIFT click actions in TMP, to avoid conflicts.

I'm using FF 38.0.5.

Thanks for any assistance.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8.2015030601.1-signed). 

Star-Button In Urlbar

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Neat little add-on. Works exactly as described.

Only issue so far is that I've not worked out how to set the default bookmarks folder to save bookmarks in.

CTRL + D puts a bookmark into the Bookmarks Menu but clicking on the star adds it to Unsorted Bookmarks - you can only change the folder by clicking on the star again and picking another folder.


Thanks for the prompt reply Aris.

Yeah, I've done some more digging and indeed firefox has default behaviours when bookmarking a page. They are as I've described.

There's a useful thread on the matter. Look for Cor-el's reply for superb clarity on the subject:

I've tried his recommended add-on (add bookmark here 2) - it achieves the save bookmark behaviour that I want (although I needed to change a couple of settings in the options page). I can now specify a folder to save my bookmarks in (and firefox remembers this location). Just note that you need to uncheck “insert bookmarks to the top of menu” under “miscellaneous”, in order to achieve the original CTRL + D behaviour when clicking on the star.

Thanks btw for the bookmark button tip. I've had to resort to "Classic theme restorer", in order to just have a bookmark button that opens the sidebar alone.

Once again, extensions devs come to the rescue. Thank you all.

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Classic Toolbar Buttons

perfect fix for FF14 no button outline Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Exactly what I needed after Mozilla decided to 'adjust' the default theme in FF14. I just don't understand why people have to tinker with clean interfaces and make them worse.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Download Statusbar

normally pretty good Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is one of my default extension to add to FF. Much better than native option. Also highly configurable.

However, I'm pretty sure I've found a bug (hence the 4 stars).

No means of contacting author (that I've found), even on new homepage.

Also, "donate" and hosting info is incorrect / needs updating in the About section of add-on.



IE View

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I always install this add-on. Very convenient and simple to use. A must-have to handle pages created for IE / ActiveX.

Was just wondering how difficult it would be to create a similar one for Chrome?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (