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Linux zealot, programmer, likes to read manga and NEEDS new books, loves wide variety of music, specially punk- and heavy-rock, electro.

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British English Dictionary (Forked by Marco Pinto)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you - I'm not British, not even my native language is English, but this is computer time - it began from internet some newbies say, but the fact is that there was were little software in any other language than in English in 80's and at least the fist half wasn't much better - and still many programs come English...

So sure, I need English dictionary - I just wanted this one because I like GB English way better :)

Default FullZoom Level

Could this be related to tbenton's message? Session Manager showing empty list... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Curiously I had a minor issue that I only after reading tbenton's complaint for losing session and not getting even new page tab after restart.

After restarting the browser regularly (I may have done "restart and restore session" type of restart which selects previous session without prompting) I had most curious issue with Session Manager. My case was more of a nuisance in comparison, but could cause real problem if you want to restore only part of session.
The list of saved sessions came up just fine with previous session preselected and showing right number of windows and tabs - but the actual list of windows and tabs below was blank white with no indication that the session had anything in it except numbers. Older backups showed up fine when selected but the list went blank again when I selected it again.

It restored the session properly though and now when I open Session Manager it shows normally - don't know if it will on next restart though. Or would - I've disabled this plugin and installed NoSquint as it was recommended for my problem with horizontal scrollbar when sidebar is open (AIO-Sidebar, but according to other messages on site where I got the advice, also listed your addon btw., described same with other sidebar addon's). Your addon works pretty well, but I'm hoping for solution that would narrow the page or having it respect the available space (no problem with sidebar closed when I tested resizing the whole window about the same width smaller as AIOS use, without having to zoom out the font *that much* as I'm on small screen netbook :)

Anyway, if the issue I described is related some weird way with this addon then I'm sure you agree that it's a matter that needs to be fixed :)

Startpage (SSL)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Indeed, I've been using startpage,com since scroogle,com (similar, but was uglier and lacked features when SP has features google lacks).
And if we ignore the anonymity/super-advanced user individualization techniques Google, FB, etc. use, what I really love (though as feature it's side-effect of anonymity) is that I'm guaranteed to get same results with every browser everywhere - as long as they don't rightfully change with some fitting better or worse to the terms,,, and with most my friends using this and duckduckgo, I can say which to use (I use duckduckgo also, it has it's benefits) and what search terms to use - and THEY WILL get the right results =) It's like back in the -95, man! :D

Save Images

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Awesome, but a feature I need to give 5 star rating (I did give 4) is to check linked images that don't link to image (so called thumbnails) and be able to load that link, parse it for the large version of the thumbnail and add it to set...

Finnish Language Pack

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mitä tapahtui Soikko oikeinkirjoitus ohjelman tarpeelle? Oli laajennus, mutta elleivät portanneet koko softaa javascriptiksi niin Soikko piti varmaan asentaa laajennuksen lisäksi. Sai toimimaan ainakin Linuxillakin, jossa sen voi suoraan pakettienhallinnasta asentaa, eikä tarvi etsiä nettisivua jossa download linkki - itsellä se taisi jo olla kun OpenOffice Writer suositteli Soikkoa koska muuten ei Suomea tarkistettu - joten selaimeen oikolukua laittaessani ei tarvinnut kuin tuo Soikko extension....

Sitä vain ihmettelin että niin FF:ssä, monissa muissa selaimissa (ja jopa w3m, ainakin emacsissa w3 graafinen selain/w3m wrapper, muistaakseni myös esim. eLinks (ja tekstiselaimissa voi kutsua emacsclient:iä, avaa terminaaliin uuden emacs framen jossa sitten kirjoitat ja painat C-x #)....
MUTTA!! Suomenkielen oikoluku tuntuu useimmissa (mainstream, GUI, laajennettavuus kuin emacsissa (FF) tahi vähäinen mutta mukana jopa tiskiallas (Opera), ellei jopa molemmat, FF:n laajennukset, Operan kaikki softat samassa = Mozilla Suiten jälkeläinen, SeaMonkey.
Mutta Suomen kieltä oikolukuun ei näihin saanut, eikä edes OpenOfficeen - silti satavarmasti melkein joka linux distrossa oletuksena oleva dict sanakirja softa varmaan sisältää tai osaisi plain text sanalistasta tehdä tarpeeseen riittävän.

Suuri on ihmetykseni, ja iloni vielä suurempi, sillä viimepäivät olen miettinyt että pitää saada "dictionary" file suomeksi - esim, WPA salatut WLAN:it aukeavat useimmiten sanakirjan sanalla, vaikka WPA2 kestää helposti tunneistä päiviin toisin kuin perus WPA joka usein aukeaa 1-60 minuutissa,,,
Mainittaanko etten ole blackhat, parhaita metodeja oppia tietoturvasta kun on crackätä - silti motiivini pohjalta sanon että olen ylpeästi hakkeri, kräkkeri en, korkeintaan joskus harvoin gray hat...
Kyllähän lazarus laajennosta käyttäen keräsin kuukauden form-dataa kavereiden surffauksesta - olisin päässyt niin moneen paikkaan, mutta hupia kävin vain palvelin/DNS palvelun vuokraajan sivuilla kaverin tunnareilla, juuri siellä koska kiinnosti mitä se on vuokrannut,,,

Mutta kyllä se kesti että FF:ään saatiin Suomen sanakirja, Soikko ja Suomi oli ainoat Laajennus ja kieli jotka piti asentaa oikoluvun saamiseksi ;D

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (27.0). 


How I expected it from name... Rated 1 out of 5 stars

To make this useful you should really do feature like in "paste to tab & go", where a copied text can be searched by right clicking tab ("paste and search" on context menu) or new tab button/empty tab-bar area ("paste and search on new tab").

Also keyword search on address field, as well as regular search field should open new tab if search activated with ctrl-enter. And it should switch to new tab, depending on settings, shift modifier should reverse (e.g. shift-ctrl-enter opens search in tab and switches to it with default settings, but if in browser settings "switch to new tab" option is selected [mine and many others default) is set then shift will open in background tab),

But what is really needed is "paste to tab and search". And hotkey(s) for them (2nd: "paste to new tab's search and go") would be nice. Customizable, though I know my way with

Hide GUI bars

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It was excellent for 3.6 that I still used (mostly because I hated FF 4 UI [but then saw 26] and more importantly, last compilations of SwiftFox (CPU optimized (AMD/Intel, x86/x64) were of 3.6 series - and it worked.

But SOMEONE fork it or AUTHOR upgrade it. I'm now trying with simple edit of install.rdf with MaxVersion set to 27.*.*

Of course, if no official help, I *can* have same functionality with keysnail extension - the code is there (builtin) and even hides *title bar*.

But I guess 4 stars for it working on version it was made for. Only 3 if there had been any other serious lack (well, you should be able to set the hotkey with ANY modifier-combo and ANY key - so three stars. Fix these and you have 5 from me. With 800x600 (Asus EeePc netbook) it was superior.

All-in-One Gestures

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Well, I'm a fanatic when it comes to optimizing software for keyboard (from desktops to database managing even) and I really have to say that when my hand is on a controller I'd rather not switch it to another controller.
*That's* where the point is. I might love my keyboard, but if my had is on mouse I will curse if I have to switch to KB just to zoom, go back/forward in history, etc.

That means a big flaming 5 stars for the absolutely best gesture extension. THANKS!

Image Zoom

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

With using "Zoom Text Only" and ocassionally having to zoom just individual images on page or just images loaded as is this extension in a life-saver.

Content Preferences

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Because I've only used dubian I only have experience on FF 17 and 3.6 (and still prefer 3.6 fork Swiftfox), but Content Preferences is one of my favorites - much because I need to zoom text on pages a lot. Thanks.

Session Manager

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Unfortunately there is no perfect solution to guarantee saving current session 100% certainly on crash for technical reasons. Not on any browser, it's simply impossible.
That being said, this plugin is the most awesome and reliable on achieving just that. Failure to load previeous session after crash is virtully no-situation - and when it happens you most of time get close enough with latest auto-save.

Thank you - the authors have done their best, and deserve humongous thanks - and top rating!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

MicroFox for Firefox

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I used LittleFox before - but I have been using MicroFox for long time because I didn't find LittleFox when setting up plugins after new Linux install - don't know if LittleFox exists no more or why I didn't find it.

Anyway, I've been happy with both... No problems whatsoever, except possibly with CoolPreviews, which I disabled for other reasons, but it didn't manage to show anything but mess when trying to show the stack menu - it might be the theme or it might as well be the plugin (tabmix?) that I use to get tab bar split in separate vertical lines...

No problems with the theme, unless the CoolPreviews malfunction is because of the theme, but I'd bet against it. Very good one for maximizing view area...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.11). 


Linux&Win, it's JavaScript code, add-on runs fine on any OS under FF or TB. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Linux version? Thunderbird is available on Linux, the add-ons are coded in JavaScript and thus the only reason to create plugin limited to group of systems, or just one, is if the add-on needs to access something OS specific.
Which would make me very careful, after asking why on earth it needs to do something OS dependant, then I'd forget the plugin *unless* I had *really* strong urge to have what it claims to offer, after which I would check the source code and/or (in any order) test it on FireFox W32 version on wine tracing it's file and other accesses, but I'm an amateur on that last way.

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Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Customizable keys would make this quite good, combos of keys could, and since it already has them, would make it better than most mouseless plugins IF the 1st step is done, customizable keys.

Now what would make this almost as superb as KeySnail (or Vimperator, though ignorant know not KeySnail can be set up with 100%, or at least 97% of Vimperator functionality - with full programmabality, kinda like in eMacs, providing means to program anything you could do with full plugin because the code is javascript, not eLisp ;)) would be creating key-sequences - for those not knowing emacs I give an example: In my firefox (C=Ctrl, M=Alt/Meta) C-x o will jump to another frame (if on framed page), C-x 1 then again opens currently active frame alone as page shown. Most basic are just combos, not sequences though, but ie. C-x is nothing alone, add C-c to end and it quits FF (or emacs, I tried to make them as similar as possible, and especially in editing text fields or vieving mails the basic movement keys, be they Vim's or eMacses heritage and also selection keys, copy/cut/yank, all keys needed on writing area, no need to move hand to mouse or even arrow keys, etc...
KeySnail has loads of other stuff, but I would give a plugin with customizable key combe sequences, if you then implemented a way to attach piece of code, similar you can use with KeyConfig, then it would be gold grade development, and it's NOT that hard.

The rest is not suggestions for mouseless, just mind food of what the most powerful keyboard optimized plugin can support, for example, the features, expandability, etc. - give it a thought, there is no KeySnail for ThunderBird, but you could do a lot to make situation better, even if you just add customizable keys, just regular key/key-combo (1 normal key, rest 1 to 8 modifiers - most I've seen is 3 modifiers, C-M-S-(somekey) - S means Shift naturally, M is for Meta but on PC's often same as Alt. KeyConfig could add this functionality, but I would need to know what function to call to execute to do what mousless does on Ctrl-d and Ctrl-u to bind them to C-v and M-v - of course I should get quite a lot extra functionality to already grand functionality of KeyConfig with Functions for KeyConfig, but those are halfway solutions - if you wan to be the first to implement superior kb-only plugin for TB take some of my ideas, maybe look into FireMacs plugin, lamer version of KeySnail, but if you could port that or create similar taking code/ideas from source design at least you would have seriously possibly the best of the kind plugin, probably also enough for all users, I'm not sure if TB users have necessarily any need for KeySnail for TB, the browsers are different...

Not platinum though, KeySnail has some specialities, but it was made to be extensible, it even has plugin system - but those plugins have advantage of having also KeySnail API and functionality available in addition to being easier to do but still can do anything a FF add-on since for FF it's seen just as part of KeySnail.

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Linux/Debian + Swiftfox - confirmed Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am most thankful for this plugin - as one who has optimized most of his system to be fully (or as full as possible) to be usable without moving hands from keyboard, firefox plugins, like flash, have been a major nuisance for me. And binding commands to run is a basic feature on almost all window managers / desktop environments in existence (and if you run one that does not support it then you must have chosen so knowingly), so setting key binding for this on Linux should be easy task for anyone. Personally my binding is set to execute "swiftfox -unfocus" and I can confirm this plugin working on swiftfox 3.6.13 - remember to set the right command depending on your variant, ie. debian by default comes with "iceweasel", not "firefox" although their functianality is 100% the same.

Thank you!

Littlefox for Firefox

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this for long time already and it deserves compliments.

My two interests is maximizing screen space (for what is relevant) and making minimizing need of mouse (though I use mouse gestures too, the point is not having to move your hand needlessly between keyboard and mouse) - for all applications, ie. I can control my ion3 window manager fully with keyboard and this theme, like ion, maximizes screen use for what is relevant. Why waste space for tool bars, etc.instead of using as large part as possible of window for content!?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.8.67). 


NoScript is not bad - it's just YesScript is way better than having neither one, but... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

You said:
"YesScript is so much better than NoScript, and so under appreciated. It makes NO SENSE to block all websites from using JavaScript and to have to manually allow each and every address. It got so bad with NoScript that almost every new website I visited, I was temporarily allowing scripts, which can be dangerous."

Some of us disagree - sure I still have to enable some scripts now and then and sometimes even disable them (one IT-blogsite was so heavily scripted that my 1,8Ghz processor was not up to it) but it's not that often and I never had to do too much of it. My biggest reason was not paranoia (I trust that Linux I use is hard enough to exploit badly if someone comes up with a way and that this and low share on desktops make pretty sure that script-kiddies have almost so little interest to spoil my day via XHTML+EcmaScript) even though I do very much like to secure my system where ever I can and exploits via websites have become known on all types of operating systems and browsers long before the thing we call JavaScript had evolved to what it is today (a dangerous tool - if used in exploit - as in powerful script language running in users browser)..

And you go overboard when you say that it was dangerous when you so often temporarily allowed scripts on whole site - well, I still say that mostly even simply keeping scripting on is quite safe - I know NoScript warns that it's dangerous and I can't argue as this is really matter of how we individually define what is danger and levels, etc. of it. What you used anyway was "temporarily allow", this YesScript - a good piece of work most certainly - just turns all on or all off.

So it's either "very dangerous" as you say or no scripts at all - at least with NoScript you can just set the plugin to something you would more likely prefer. NoScript->Options and first leaf, "General" and choose the very first (non-recommended if you are paranoid) option "Temporarily allow top-level sites by default" and of the three options defining what by is the site recognized I chose first: "Full address" - I was just testing, this mode was not for me but this way new sites are by default allowed to run scripts. Naturally if they use, for example, ad-scripts from other server and it has been (with good reason) banned then not all scripts on page naturally work - but you can choose not to ban sites lightly and you can unban them too.

For you NoScript set up like this could be a boosted up YesScript though. Sites allowed by default (but that is not written anywhere: temporarily allowed). Now you can "Revoke temporary permissions" (in noscript menu this is site-specific) and it is like in YesScript turning scripts off. Again select "Temporarily allow all this site" and you have turned scripts on again.
So far I only explained how NoScript can be made do just what YesScript - it might be not as pretty for that as one simple icon (I suppose it uses icon) but it's quite well designed. Also one day you bump into blog site of demons, you'd like to read but blocking all scripts will make the site fail and allowing them all will make it crowl. Riiiighhttt.... But you still have, always had, the option to block sites and allow previously denied sites hosting scripts - if we were living days when JavaScript was kept on the site it was used, rarely a document linked to use many different javascript files, in fact mostly provided simply inline within the html file NoScript would have almost nothing to offer over YesScript and only marginally small amount of people would bother with it.

But cross-site scripting is today and there are sites where you might want, you might *need* to block scripts to be able to use the site - yet stopping all scripts altogether will render some of these sites unusable too.

P.S. I am exaggarating but it's not untrue what I have murmured here ;) YesScript is a fine tool but what I wanted was to try prove wrong the bad image your words (I think) were giving to NoScript and point that, used correctly, it can be just as easy as YesScript but with twist for if you suddenly wan't site-specific script-blockings.

I think YesScript *is* great. But if I must compare I would say that YesScript is to NoScript what Lola is to FireBug :o I really think so.

More quote:
"The worst thing is it would only show part of the web page and sometimes hang on loading others. I only need it to block scripts on a few websites, not the entire Internet. The only thing missing is custom website blacklist, that would make this add-on PERFECT. Thanks."

Code is easy - I would propably prefer to start from NoScript source but why not take YesScript, modify it and offer your patch to the author. And if he don't accept it in his add-on you can always fork the project and release your enhanced version with slightly different name. It's just simple javascript and there is literally loads of example code to see around here....
Or... Was this plugin released under open source license?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 


Some criticism, compliments and suggestions Rated 4 out of 5 stars

So, have does this compare to extremely similar and powerful features of FireBug extension - as from explanation it seems to me that this is more like a "demo version" of FB would be (if there were such thing) but I have not tried this so far...

So, are there any with experience of both these plugins? If so, which one is generally better? What are the pros and cons of this plugin compared to FireBug? Whichever is better is there a reason why I might want to have bost installed and ready to use?

Also a feature reguest: You could make it remember you changes if you wan't - not all, just make a checkbox and if user selects it then the changes made for that particular page will be remebered. Additionally you could select if changes are remebered on only that one page, a whole subset of pages under certain server subdirectory (ie. someones homepage) or even the whole server. That would be cool, although can be also made with plugin (whatsitsname) that allows user scripts run after page has loaded so with javascript skills you could write a script that always does the changes... but that's not for newbies and even use who could do it would prefer simpler way like this.

P.S. Suggesting this also to FireBug authors. You can mail me about this: robsku$ (replace the $-sign with @).


HaH functionality? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

If you could add the functionality of HaH (FireFox plugin) for HTML mails... that would be awesome!