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Site Info Buttons

Site Info Buttons provides buttons you can place on your toolbar. Clicking on one provides more information about the site you're on. For example: clicking on the RetailMeNot button while visiting shows RetailMeNot coupons for Amazon.

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Edit and Note

WYSWYG editing a web page immediately in the browser, adding bullets and stickies, saving the page locally.

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Recently Used Bookmarks Folder

Add a toolbar button Recently Used Bookmarks Folder

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Blogs de Guatemala

Enlaces directos y herramientas para los usuarios de

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Uniten Toolbar

UNITEN Toolbar To Cater UNITEN Students. Do Spread The Word To Ease You Guys & Gals

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ECM Toolbar

A toolbar for your electric use. Requires ECM 1220 or 1240, products of Brultech Research, Inc and ECM Server software. The Energy Consumption Monitor (ECM) is a home energy monitor that allows you to see electricity usage in real-time.

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Domain Switch

Easily switch between the same relative URL on different domains

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