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addon for atlant

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Updated April 22, 2013

Polopoly Article Edit Requires Restart

Adds an edit button to every article on the University of Edinburgh's Polopoly live website. Simply browse and click to edit your Polopoly articles. You must have the relevant permissions to edit the content.

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Updated April 18, 2013

Repto Control - User Requires Restart

Steuerung für Reptobot

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Updated April 17, 2013

WebRankPage: In-page SEO Analysis Requires Restart

Get in-page SEO analysis with in-depth info, social stats including facebook and twitter, internal/external link analysis and security profile of webpage.

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115 users
Updated April 16, 2013

phpMyAdmin Timeout Preventer Requires Restart

A small, simple extension which prevents against phpMyAdmin's session timeouts.

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950 users
Updated April 16, 2013

Super Great Site!

The Official Super Great Site! Add on for Firefox!

More Details Below

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Updated April 16, 2013

Language Button

Shows Language of Page (e.g. the lang attribute a root element).

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Updated April 15, 2013

JS Switch Requires Restart

Add a toolbar button or an option in Tool menu to toggle JavaScript

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8,088 users
Updated April 12, 2013

Omnivalidator Requires Restart

Validate content (typically web pages) using any number of configurable validation services, such as the W3C Markup Validator and Validator.nu, and view the validation results in a Firebug-like panel in the browser.

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Updated April 7, 2013

FightCode Utils

Basic utilities for FightCode

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Updated April 3, 2013

geo devtool

Update your geolocation in real time by moving a marker on a map.
Debug applications using geolocation (working both with getCurrentPosition and watchPosition).
Fake your location when a website asks for it.

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Updated April 2, 2013

Firefinder for Firebug Requires Restart

Finds HTML elements matching chosen CSS selector(s) or XPath expression

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (28)
22,845 users
Updated March 27, 2013

N-WAX Requires Restart

N-WAX(NHN Web Accessibility eXtension) is a tool that can help diagnose and fix the accessibility problem.

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392 users
Updated March 27, 2013

Transformice Ultra Fullscreen Requires Restart

Adds scrolling feature to Transformice

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89 users
Updated March 24, 2013

XPath Prototyping Requires Restart

Easy XPath prototyping. Mining HTML to JSON.

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137 users
Updated March 22, 2013

Input Text Changer

Bêta-test phase

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Updated March 20, 2013

Autofill Requires Restart

Autofill is a small but powerful add-on that serves one purpose: fill form fields automatically on page load. It is for people who just want a straightforward form filler without all the bells and whistles.

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31,399 users
Updated March 19, 2013

★VITcom Requires Restart

Complemento diseñado para la inserción rápida de comentarios en los registros de llamadas, casos y presupuestos del Sistema de Soporte VIT. .::eArmas@vit.gob.ve::.

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Updated March 18, 2013

DAC WHOIS Search Requires Restart

Domainsatcost.ca is pleased to offer an easy to use WHOIS search extension that feeds into our extension WHOIS lookup service. Find all the public information about any domain with our WHOIS Search.

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50 users
Updated March 15, 2013

IE View Requires Restart

Lets you load pages in IE with a single right-click, or mark certain sites to *always* load in IE.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (153)
77,020 users
Updated March 13, 2013