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A screen-sharing extension

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klantern Screen Sharing

klantern screen share

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GitHub Original Streak

An add-on that gets back current and longest streak on Github profiles

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CRMHero Screensharing

CRMHero (www.crmhero.io) is a customer service SaaS which also allow users to give assistance by sharing their screen to the customers (or vice versa).

This extension allow to share the screen throught the WebRTCrealtime communications.

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Browser Calories

The easiest way to measure your performance budget

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LiveInternetStat Requires Restart

Statistics websites from LiveInternet context menu item.

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A basic add-on for - Domain Names Search, Registration and Availability

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SmartTHING Screen Capture

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://www.smartthing.org pages.

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Cyberforum Tag Helper

Позволяет удобней работать с тэгами в редакторе сообщений на сайте cyberforum.ru

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Ce module permet d'importer vos données de votre jeu préféré vers votre serveur OGSpy.
Votre serveur OGSpy vous permettra ensuite d'utiliser ces données pour consulter les statistiques de vos rapports de combat, de trier vos rapports d'espionnage...

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MathML View Source

A 'View MathML Source' context menu item

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Screen-sharing test 2

A screen-sharing extension for testing

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Quick Login Plugin

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Increase privacy (random replacement for the UserAgent, canvas, locale, blocking WebRTC, etc.) Blocking the ajax requests to third-party websites and the extra cookies. The assessment for safety of https (TLS) connections. Small phishing prevention

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Email Verifier

This add-on helps you to verify emails id's. The email verification tool connects to the mail server & checks whether the mailbox exists.

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Sourcegraph addon for GitHub

Enhance code browsing on GitHub: code search, instant documentation tooltips, and jump-to-definition links for code on GitHub.

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Enable an edit button in the browser's location bar when rel="edit-form" is found in the HTML.

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StatCounter Code Checker

This tool allows StatCounter users to check their pages for StatCounter code and quickly navigate to detailed stats reports for their site.

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Henkers OUO.IO Shorter

FireFox Extension from Henker, its Create Shorten URL with the Engine OUO.IO

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Change domain, only. Currently limited to mozilla.com and mozilla.org domains.

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