Web Development


Simple Keywords

A simple tool to grab keywords from textareas or any selected active element.

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13 users

Simple Links Counter

Shows the number of internal and external links on a page in the status bar.

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28 users

Simple Lorem Ipsum Generator No Restart

Generates a Lorem Ipsum Text and copies it to clipboard. You can also use ctrl+y as global hotkey.

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1,188 users

Simple Night Mode No Restart

An addon to invert the color of any webpage/website, making contents of any website readable and less stressful on your eyes if you are surfing internet in dark lit room. After installing addon, just right-click & select 'Night Mode On'

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1,797 users

Simple PageRank

Show the PageRank (PR) for the current site. Nothing more, nothing less.

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214 users

Simple password generator No Restart

password generator

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
183 users

Simple Script Loader No Restart

A very simple add-on for load script file on-the-fly.
Support to load script file when page ready.

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210 users

Simple Storage Editor for Addon SDK No Restart

Addon designed for in browser editing of Simple Storage for Addons.

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Captures screenshots of websites as PNG images.

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SisBugs No Restart

Bug do sistema

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Site Information Tool

Provides information about a webpage (or website) including rankings, domain registration data (whois), IP information, server response and page data, thumbnail and more.

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1,990 users

Site Scout No Restart

Automatic gather information about a website.

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42 users

Site Switcher No Restart

Extension that allows easy switching between sites on the DDC platform for internal developers.

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10 users

Sitecore Extensions No Restart

Small improvements which will make your work with Sitecore much easier.

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Sitelogr.com Quick Reports

This add-on displays Sitelogr's icon on Firefox's status bar, and in right-click drop down menu; On-click, it will load a Sitelogr.com reports page for the currently visible website.

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SiteMetrics SEO for Firefox

The SiteMetrics SEO Extension for Firefox is a browser plugin to get some relevant onsite SEO metrics while surfing the web.

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649 users


Perform SiteTrail lookups via right-click menu straight from your web browser! Find all kinds of info about websites around the world such as the site rank, site value, server location, site traffic, SEO statistics, site analytics and much more!

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74 users


Find out how much a website is worth get full information including site traffic,ad revenue,and rank.

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SixOrNot No Restart

IP address information for Firefox. SixOrNot is an icon-based display of IPv6 availability and utilisation also providing a listing of domain names and IP addresses involved in loading web pages.

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3,723 users


Fixes Windows backslash file separators in links and images and other types.

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603 users