Web Development


Selenium IDE : Export TC Status Requires Restart

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to export the status of each executed test cases.

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Copy Title and Description Requires Restart

Adds a right-click context menu to copy the full page title, meta description, or meta keywords. Copy individually in plain text, or all three in HTML.

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629 users

AccessTab ver.1.0

Web Accessibility of all linked webpages for a browsing page can be evaluated by toggling through their hyperlinks with the TAB key without the need to open them. It will report the number of errors as a star scale according the W3C WCAG checkpoints.

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Ranks NL Page Analyzer Requires Restart

Easy access to the Ranks NL Page Analyzer. For Ranks Friends only. Please note you need to be logged in for this Add on to work.

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FireFlow Requires Restart

Firebug extension to help reverse engineer code flows, does not work with Firefox version 33.0 and Firebug 2.0.4 and above.

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FireStylus for Firebug Requires Restart

FireStylus is a Firebug extension that makes Firebug display the Stylus filename and line numbers of the Stylus-generated CSS styles rather than those of the generated CSS.

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Host Your Pictures Requires Restart

This addon let you upload any image found on the web directly on hostyourpic.com, with a simple right-mouse click.

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A Better Firefox Add-on Bar

This add-on tweaks the default add-on bar and makes it look much cleaner and more convenient, simply hover over the add-on bar area at the bottom right side of the browser window and you'll see your icons all neatly organized, it has transitions.

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Record Site IP Requires Restart

Record Site IP For SEO.

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WebVideoFetcher.com for Mozilla Firefox Requires Restart

Download and Convert videos directly from Youtube. Instant Online Video Converter

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bShare Requires Restart


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Customize Http Headers

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TJ SEO RANK Requires Restart

system e behbood dahande ranking.free tools for improve your ranking.

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BrainLeg Requires Restart

Integration with BrainLeg - structural exception search engine for developers. Select stacktrace and use right-click to search from any webpage - it is an ideal tool to quickly research exceptions you see in your web sites, cruise control reports etc

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OGP checker Requires Restart

Facebook OGP checker

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Timestamp AE

Extension to get timestamp data from a date or date from a timestamp data.
Extension para obtener el dato timestamp desde una fecha o una fecha desde un dato timestamp.

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FireIFrame Requires Restart

FireIFrame is a Firebug extension that allows you to easily attach the console to IFrames within a page by visually selecting the IFrame you wish to attach to.

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ReloadPassCache Requires Restart

use CTRL+F5 pass cache reload iframe pages.

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Get Html Elements of any web page Requires Restart

Get Html Elements of any web page

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Easy JsBin Requires Restart

Playground to quick check your html/css/js

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