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Optimizely Toggle No Restart

This extension disables Optimizely for the tab you are browsing, via a switch.

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imagePaste No Restart

it's for you a slide creator . take easy copy image and mark original url on it .
you just right-click and choose what's url text color you want to
and that will marked original URL on image :)

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Webový odpad No Restart

Jednoduché nahlášení webového odpadu.

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Change Profile's Window Icons To Matreshka

Changes the icon used for the profile's Firefox windows to the matreshka icon from Icojam. This add-on can be used to visually differentiate profiles.

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Val site cleaner No Restart

This extension clean some sites

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SessionBox - Multi login No Restart

Using websites with multiple accounts in the same time is made easy. Create an independent tab with a click of a button.

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Compartir Pantalla DNASystem No Restart

This extension enables screen capturing support for https://dnasystem.com.mx/ pages.

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IP Geolocator No Restart

Shows detailed information about your IP and location.

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MXR to DXR - WebExtension No Restart

Rewrites all MXR source links to DXR ones. Doesn't check repo availability (if the slug for the repo is not on DXR, the link will 404), or work for search queries, but does rewrite 'rev' and 'mark' parameters to syntax that works with DXR.

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Task Manager No Restart

Task Manager to see the CPU and Memory usage of the tabs, works best when using e10s to be able to see the total process memory usage.

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Wikalong is a Firefox Extension that embeds a wiki in the Sidebar of your browser, which corresponds to the current page you are viewing...

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Context Style Switcher

Change Page Style via context menu

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455 users

MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay

Disables default delay when installing...

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This sidebar displays page meta-information (metatags, links, etc.) Has automated search engine submission menu. Features include: Watches currently loaded Web page and automatically updates the sidebar. Displays metatags, links, language, base...

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Quick Preference Button

Access common preferences from a menu button. It includes settings for page download and display, tabs, proxy, spoofing user agent (user agent switching), enable or disable the Adblock extension and more. Click on More Previews>> under the...

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Page validator

Validates a page using the W3C Markup Validation Service.

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Yet Another Window Resizer

Resize browser window to default screen...

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Go to WindizUpdate

Have you heard of WindizUpdate? It is designed to provide an alternative to Windows Update which will run in Firefox, Netscape or Opera. I guess you know what this means, the final obstacle from being 100% IE free has just been knocked down, you...

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ErrorZilla Mod

Implements a useful error page when a website cannot be reached. Will add Try Again, Google Cache, Coralize, Wayback, Ping, Trace, and Whois buttons, along with...

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Select/highlight text on any open website. Right click, and then click on 'shortText', it will send the highlighted text to shortText.com where you can create a webpage with a unique URL instantly...

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