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.com IDN enabled

install for .com international domain names enabled

Warning : If you install this addon, you will have risk of idn spoofing attack.

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Added April 27, 2012

BrainLeg Requires Restart

Integration with BrainLeg - structural exception search engine for developers. Select stacktrace and use right-click to search from any webpage - it is an ideal tool to quickly research exceptions you see in your web sites, cruise control reports etc

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Added April 24, 2012

EMD Snitch Requires Restart

This Firefox add-on enables you to quickly identify available exact match domains within popular keyword tools such as Google Keyword Tool & Wordtracker. It also spots available extensions within aftermarket sites inc. Sedo, Afternic & Namedrive.

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Added April 16, 2012

Override User Agent

Override User Agent allows to override the default string of the User-Agent in the toolbar, the changes affect only the current domain.

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Added April 15, 2012

Edit Source Requires Restart

The Edit Source extension for Firefox 13 and later uses the built in source editor component to let you edit text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML documents. HTML documents can be refreshed based on your edits, so you can see your changes.

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Added April 15, 2012


A simple per-site user agent switcher for Firefox

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Added April 15, 2012

Masking Agent

Masking Agent protects you from showing platform information (OS and CPU) on the internet.

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Added April 14, 2012

YouR IP Requires Restart

Display your IP in the addon or status bar of Mozilla Firefox

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Added April 11, 2012

CSS Viewer Requires Restart

A simple but useful CSS property viewer.
Created by Nicolas Huon.

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Added April 11, 2012

GreenFox Requires Restart

GreenFox, Green Code Lab Firefox AddOn. Measure easily your CPU consumption.

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Added April 9, 2012

CSS Toolbox Requires Restart

Some tools for editing CSS stylesheets online

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Added April 9, 2012

Zrzut.pl Requires Restart

Zrzut.pl to wtyczka pozwalająca na łatwe wykonanie zrzutu (screenshota)
strony internetowej - do wyboru jest wykonanie zrzutu całości strony,
jej widocznej części lub wybranego fragmentu. Możesz też wgrać obraz z
dysku lub otworzyć białą kartkę.

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Added April 9, 2012


Track your GitHub repos and issues from within Firefox!

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Added April 8, 2012

Umbraco Debug Requires Restart

Plugin displays the debug at the bottom of any Umbraco page. Suitable for versions 4.0+

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Added April 8, 2012

editURL Requires Restart

Display and edit the url of the current tab.
Reloads with the edited url on enter.

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Added April 8, 2012

Link Builder Tool Requires Restart

The main purpose of this extension, to make it easier the link building, but it won't do without you.

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Added April 6, 2012

Trace Metrics Requires Restart

Trace metrics add-on is a web developer tool to inspect the web analytics or metrics tags generated on various pages and events.

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Added April 3, 2012

Window Master

Functionality for multiple screens and windows. Easily open links in other windows or on other screens, move or merge tabs, and move or merge entire windows. With graphical controls for grid positioning.

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Added April 2, 2012

TJ SEO RANK Requires Restart

system e behbood dahande ranking.free tools for improve your ranking.

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Added April 2, 2012

TJ Quick Search Toolbar Requires Restart

Free Quick Search Engine Tarjoo Toolbar

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Added April 2, 2012