Web Development


aXe Developer Tools No Restart

Add accessibility auditing to the Firefox Developer Tools

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53 users
Added August 23, 2015

Cache Disabler No Restart

A simple add-on which provides a button to completely disable (and re-enable) the cache with a single click.

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22 users
Added August 21, 2015


Lists the request flags for a specified requestee

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4 users
Added August 18, 2015

View Page Source Button No Restart

Adds a View Page Source button to the toolbar

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89 users
Added August 17, 2015

RESTer No Restart

A REST client for almost any web service.

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5 users
Added August 17, 2015

Speed Tweaks (SpeedyFox) No Restart

This extension provides a list to almost all the settings that you may need to alter in order to enhance Firefox's speed.

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5,418 users
Added August 16, 2015

Automatic Print No Restart

Auto printer select/silent/unattended/kiosk print option

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6 users
Added August 15, 2015

Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet No Restart

This extension allows bloggers, tech writers, web designers and developers to professionally edit any image on the internet by adding an elegant edit button on top of the image, which opens an editing session for the image in Polarr Photo Editor.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
397 users
Added August 15, 2015

switch dom.event.contextmenu.enabled button No Restart

"dom.event.contextmenu.enabled" の有効・無効を切り替えるボタンをツールバーに追加します。
This add-on adds a button to switch "dom.event.contextmenu.enabled".

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1 user
Added August 14, 2015

Google Analytics Debugger No Restart

A devtools extension for debugging Google Analytics tracking code

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136 users
Added August 13, 2015

TICT Notifier No Restart

TICT Live Updates

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6 users
Added August 13, 2015

JSON Diff View No Restart

Easily view JSON object diffs. Source code can be found at https://github.com/rafspiny/jsondiff/

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1 user
Added August 10, 2015

AccessTimesPanel No Restart

See the current time on the development panel!

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3 users
Added August 7, 2015

TMOL Feature Flags No Restart

TM Feature Flagging for Firefox

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11 users
Added August 6, 2015

Performance Reporter No Restart

Displays extensions and tabs CPU and memory usage

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (3)
130 users
Added August 3, 2015

VebTraffic.com site viewer. No Restart

Peer 2 Peer traffic sharing internet service

Using our Firefox plugin will allow you to earn free traffic for your website from users around the World.

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3 users
Added August 1, 2015

WebRTC Control No Restart

Have control over WebRTC (disable or enable) and protect your IP address.

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2 users
Added July 30, 2015

WebSocket Disabler No Restart

Easily disable WebSockets within the browser

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (1)
37 users
Added July 28, 2015

Search on Stackoverflow

Exclusive complement to search the selected word on Stackoverflow.

Any bug report here

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133 users
Added July 23, 2015

UserStyles™ No Restart

UserStyles™ allows you to change any website's appearance; Choose your desired style from userstyles.org

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3 users
Added July 22, 2015