Madden Tribute New Tab

A look at the popular NFL Madden video games through the years on every new tab! From the Nintendo 64 era to Xbox One/PS4!

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Magic Tab Requires Restart

Magic Tab - is an extension that adds search tools to the new tab page. After you installed this add-on to your Firefox, the search tools are opened in new tab always. The add-on is designed to help you search the web quickly and more productively.

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Open all magnet links in all tabs with a single click!

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Mail and Save Tab URLs Requires Restart

If you often share web page addresses (URLs) with others or save them in text file, bookmark, or copy to clipboard for your own reference, this extension will make your life easier!

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Maisbrasil Requires Restart

Ouça a Mais Brasil pelo Facebook !!

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Toolbar button for quick access to, Powerful and Free Productivity web-based tool for Text Manipulation & Scraping.

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Mar Mod Requires Restart

Adds multiple characteristics and enhancements to Firefox for browsing, extension update, online translation, back up, and makes some visual modifications.

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Mar Mod Updated Requires Restart

Firefox modifications. Originally made by mitezuss, updated to add some fixes (provided by mitezuss), and added new extra tab options. Read full description for Firefox 14!

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March Madness New Tab

ts our favorite time of the year! Keep up with the action with video highlights in your new tab

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Masker Eliminator Requires Restart

Remove All Mask in the

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Mass Effect: Andromeda New Tab

Theme your new tab with wallpaper images from Mass Effect!

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MathML View Source

A 'View MathML Source' context menu item

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Put URLs from all open TABs into clipboard seperated by enters

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Max Loaded Tabs

Set maximum number of loaded tabs in a window.

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Max Tab Toggle Requires Restart

Toggles Tabs On Top when maximizing and restoring.

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Max Tabs

Set maximum number of opened tabs in a window.

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MClickFocusTab Requires Restart

While using mouse middle-click to open new tabs, with a short-time clicking to open new tabs in background, with a long-time clicking to open new tabs in foreground.

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Mercury Connect

With Mercury Connect, you can sync bookmarks and tabs, send webpages and more directly to your mobile devices.

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MereCat Chat

Enjoy persistent private and public chats crosstab after registering an account.
Merecat Chat Registration
Alpha Version

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Messageries Multiples

Cette extension vous permet de changer rapidement de messageries via une icône.
Compatible avec les principales messageries en France.
Une extension pour Mozilla Firefox très simple et très rapide à installer pour tous.

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