多重购物搜索条 Requires Restart

方便在中国大陆的多家(尤其是 3C)购物网站上同时搜索,使用同样的关键词、同样(或类似)的排序及显示方式(需网站支持),同时还能帮您获得一些返利。

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FastTrack Requires Restart

Find any music track, album or back catalog (works for books and movies too) in 3 clicks! Simply highlight an artist, song title, word or sentence then right click and choose from a selection of online stores. Enjoy!

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Yes24SearchExtensionForFirefox Requires Restart

an extension for book search

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ShopDAQ Price Compare Requires Restart

Comparison shopping browsing extension that automatically finds the best prices for any items that you view on the web, and coupons for any e-commerce site that you visit.

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Wantlist Requires Restart

Save lists of items you want on the internet.

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Sök på Bokia Requires Restart

Högerklicka på ett ord eller markering -> Sök på Bokia

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CHIQ Requires Restart

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Music Store Wizz Requires Restart

Music Store Wizz is the best way for musicians and audio engineers to search and compare prices and products from the top online music retailers.

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Amazon Easy Search Requires Restart

Search for selected text in all Amazon websites using the right click context menu.

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Tomato Box (Beta) Requires Restart

Tomato Box displays available ratings for DVDs and Blu-Rays available in It enables you to get critics and audience reviews, and similar information from with a click of a button.

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Loucos por Desconto Requires Restart

Seja avisado sempre que existir algum cupom de desconto para a loja que você estiver visitando.

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Amazon right-click search .com .de .fr .it Requires Restart

Select and right-click to search with Amazon/
Auswählen und mit der rechten Maustaste, um mit Amazon suchen/
Sélectionnez et cliquez à droite pour effectuer une recherche avec Amazon/
Seleziona e clicca col tasto destro per cercare con Amazon

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Discountissime Requires Restart

Grâce au plugin Discountissime, vous pouvez avoir accès à l’ensemble des offres de réductions, promos, coupons et cashback proposés par plus de 900 boutique en ligne comme la Redoute, Pixmania, Rue du commerce ou encore la FNAC.

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Royal Rates Requires Restart

Лучшие кредитные автоматы в Рунете теперь у вас под рукой – непосредственно в вашем браузере. А это значит, что получить выгодный кредит WebMoney теперь можно практически без усилий.

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Coupon Periscope Requires Restart

CouponPeriscope automatically shows you all available coupon codes for the shopping site you are visiting.

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OKPrezzi Requires Restart

Con la ToolBar di OkPrezzi potrai trovare subito e con semplicità l'offerta migliore relativa a qualsiasi prodotto in vendita Online!

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Schnäppchenfuchs Gutschein Add-On Requires Restart

Nie wieder einen Gutschein verpassen! Das kostenlose Schnäppchenfuchs Gutschein Add-On von informiert dich automatisch, ob es für den besuchten Shop Gutscheine gibt. Kostenlos und ohne Risiko.

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eCampus Browser App Requires Restart

Let eCampus find the lowest prices while you shop.

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Open in a new tab with toolbar button Requires Restart

This Firefox addon adds a button to the toolbar which opens in new *pinned* tab in HTTPS mode.

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全享网收集按钮 Requires Restart


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