Subscribe - Search highlighted text No Restart

Search for an highlighted text on Amazon from any website by using the right click context menu.

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Added June 19, 2013 - markierten Begriff suchen No Restart

Das Addon ermöglicht die direkte Suche eines markierten Wortes.

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Added June 19, 2013

Price Pirate

Uncover hidden treasure with PricePirate
Find the best prices for products you want to buy.

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Added June 12, 2013

Hotel Price

Hotel Price Find best hotel prices

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Added June 11, 2013

Lottery Number Generator No Restart

Generates random numbers for various lotteries in the world. Pick numbers for as many tickets as wanted

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Added June 10, 2013 Tooltip No Restart

Eine Verlinkung mit

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Added June 6, 2013


Con la ToolBar di OkPrezzi potrai trovare subito e con semplicità l'offerta migliore relativa a qualsiasi prodotto in vendita Online!

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Added June 5, 2013

EFTpass No Restart

EFTpass is a payment technology that allows customers to shop online with NO CREDIT CARD.
EFTpass facilitates a real time payment between the merchant and the customer utilising your normal bank account.

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Added June 3, 2013

Amazon Price Tracker -

View price history when you are browsing Amazon, save money by tracking Amazon prices and getting price drop alerts.

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Added May 27, 2013

YouBidder "1-Click" Last Second Ebay Bid Button

1-Click Schedule your eBay Snipe Sniper. Bid at the Last Second.

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Added May 25, 2013 No Restart

Firefox extension-y bilen Türkmenistanyň ähli künjeginden iýberilen iň täze yglanlardan siz habardar boluň

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Added May 17, 2013

Mercado Livre Menu No Restart

Add On para entrar de forma mais rápida no Mercado Livre Brasil. Possui links para Painel do Usuário, Arremates e MercadoPago

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Added May 16, 2013

Jasa Perantara Online Profesional

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Added May 16, 2013

楽 サーチ No Restart

■ テキストをなぞって右クリックから楽天を検索する
■ 楽天へのツールバーボタン
■ ページを右クリックして、楽天へアクセスする

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Added May 16, 2013

Do They Accept Bitcoin?

Tells you if a given site accepts Bitcoin

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Added May 10, 2013

自動価格比較/ショッピング検索(Auto Price Checker) No Restart


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Added May 6, 2013

楽天 Checkbox OFF No Restart


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Added May 4, 2013

PPCoin Ticker No Restart

Displays PPCoin vs USD and BTC at the bottom of your screen. Also provides a quick link to currency conversion so you can check your balance in USD or BTC.

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Added May 2, 2013

BaiduTool No Restart


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Added April 30, 2013

Ebay Search Menu Add-on No Restart

Quick and easy search for selected text on Ebay international pages and a panel with Ebay search on the bottom of your browser bar. With automatic favorite Ebay country setting. Search on Ebay from everywhere, must have plugin for all Ebay fans

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Added April 24, 2013