Privacy & Security


Privacy Settings (Embedded)

Alter Firefox's built-in privacy settings with a toolbar panel

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IServ Autologin Compatible with Firefox 57+

Ein Plugin, welches beim Aufrufen eines IServ-Servers automatisch den Anmeldebutton klickt.
Disclaimer: Das Addon sollte nur auf automatisieren Systemen eingesetzt werden, weil Seiten das Addon zum Abschließen eines Abos etc. missbrauchen könnten.

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Auto mute Compatible with Firefox 57+

Auto mute of new tabs. Ability to disable mute tabs in private or normal mode.

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476 users

AdGrave Compatible with Firefox 57+

An ad-blocker based on visual feature matching. Made with ❤

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Opener Detector Compatible with Firefox 57+

Checks for window.opener vulnerabilities as you browse, and shows a report page whenever one is found. Can be configured to ignore individual pages or whole domains.

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Picture Exif Cleaner Compatible with Firefox 57+

Exif data embedded inside pictures might compromise your privacy.
Clear picture embedded properties before uploading or sharing.

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Drudge-Fakenews Compatible with Firefox 57+

Enhances links on Drudge Report and neuters links to fake-news sites.

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Download from Google Docs w/o its Javascript Compatible with Firefox 57+

Makes Google Docs files download-able without running Google's non-free code.

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Passwords 101 Compatible with Firefox 57+

Generate a strong, unique password for every website!

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free JS for petitions Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows you to sign petitions with free Javascript.

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Inhuman Ads Compatible with Firefox 57+

This add-on enables you to upload screenshots to the Inhuman Ads homepage directly from Firefox Screenshots. Share the funny, frustrating, and infuriating ads you find in your online adventures on the Wall of Infamy.

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Proxy Switcher and Manager Compatible with Firefox 57+

Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly and easily through profiles

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VeilMyActivity Compatible with Firefox 57+

An extension to hide the forum activity while visiting webpages on Inforge (

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PopupFilter Compatible with Firefox 57+

Prevents intempestive opening of popups from website scripts.

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User-Agent Switcher Compatible with Firefox 57+

Spoofs User-Agent strings of your browser

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Доступ к заблокированным сайтам Compatible with Firefox 57+

Обход блокировки сайтов

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CustomizeGoogle Requires Restart

CustomizeGoogle enhances Google by adding information and removing unwanted information.

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236 users

SmartWhois Launcher Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension allows you to launch SmartWhois and perform a Whois query on the current URL. SmartWhois is a useful network information utility that allows you to look up all the available information about an IP address, hostname or domain...

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ULPS Requires Restart

Ultimate Logging Prevention System...

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Advanced Dork: Requires Restart

Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu...

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536 users